What to do if you become a victim of a raid

The Hempland Private Collective was a victim of a Federal Marijuana raid on January 14, 2012 despite having abided by (above and beyond) all State laws and guidelines.

  1. Look for an experienced lawyer.  Since the incident, Hempland had been in contact with several lawyers on the State and Federal level.  In the event that you are a victim of a Medical Marijuana raid, remain calm and consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney.  Laws vary from state to state, so be sure to consult with an attorney in your area, and research a lawyer that has defense experience in what you have been charged with.  If you are charged federally, seek representation from a Federal attorney.  Finding a good attorney is key.  It can also be beneficial to join other groups working with attorneys.
  2. Recover what you can and document what has been taken.  Document how you were treated.
  3. Ask local activist groups such as NORML and Safe Access for assistance and participate in community activities.  Often activists and organizations will step up offer support.
  4. Voice your story on the web and news outlets.  Join activism, educate, and help win the good fight.

In the event of a Medical Marijuana raid, Hempland has experience and knowledge to share on what to do during and after a raid, should you ever become a victim.  For assistance or referrals, feel free to contact us.



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