What is Hemp Flower CBD Rosin?

Dabbing is the process of taking a small but concentrated amount of solid cannabis and vaporizing it. This is usually done with a dabbing pen or banger heated well over 300 degrees Fahrenheit, and creates some of the most potent cannabis in the world.

There are many ways to create cannabis for dabbing such as CBD oils, waxing, and shattering, although most of these involve harsh chemical solvents. Those looking for a more natural way to create dabbing cannabis have turned to a new process called rosin pressing, which is becoming popular among dabbers for how easy it is to perform at home and how it creates pure, natural rosin.

What is CBD Rosin?

To understand the popularity and importance of CBD rosin it is important to ask; what is rosin? Rosin is simply the solid, hardened form of resin, which is a natural polymer found in certain plants that contain helpful chemicals.

Many plants contain resins, and resins have been used throughout the ages as adhesives, varnishes, and perfumes. In the case of cannabis, the plant’s flowers contain cannabinoids and terpenes that give CBD its many effects.

In order to create rosin, the resin of cannabis plants must be removed from the planet and hardened into a solid-state. This leaves behind the dried husk of the flower, as well as many of the natural chemicals like chlorophyll that make other CBD products less pure.

How is CBD Rosin Pressed?

The exact process of pressing CBD rosin from cannabis plants is actually very simple, only needing a filtered or mesh bag, two hot surfaces, and cannabis flowers. These materials should be easily available to anyone looking to press rosin from cannabis plants.

The process just involves putting cannabis flowers in the mesh bag then pressing it between the two hot surfaces until all of the resin is squeezed out of the plant. This will create a sticky liquid residue down the sides of the bag, so be sure to prepare a clean area to press in.

It is important that the bag used is porous enough to let the natural resins out, but not flammable enough to catch fire or blowout during pressing. Of course, you should also use hand protection when handling hot objects during the pressing process.

Once the process is complete, the rosin should look similar to honey with a smooth but sticky texture and a golden brown color. Be sure to separate your new rosin from the leftovers in the mesh bag so they don’t end up mixing together again.

Once the resin has cooled and set into rosin, which will look like amber or solid beeswax, it can be dabbed or stored in a cool, dry, dark area for later use.

Why Use Rosin Pressing?

Rosin pressing is far from the only method of creating solid dabs for CBD vaporizing, so why is it so popular?  The main benefits of rosin pressing are that it can be done by anyone and that it does involve putting extra, unnatural chemicals into the cannabis.

As long as you have a pressing bag, some cannabis flowers, and two hot plates you can press CBD rosin at home in your own kitchen. Other methods of making CBD dabs aren’t nearly as easy or accessible as the pressing technique.

Pressing also does not require chemical solvents or solutions that break down non-cannabinoids to create dabbing material.  Other processes like shattering or waxing use these chemicals, meaning pressed CBD is all-natural and doesn’t contain these harsh solvents.

Where Do You Get Rosin Bags?

If you are looking to make your own CBD rosin, then Gutenberg’s Dank Pressing Co. carries some of the best rosin press bags on the market. These premium rosin bags come with a number of important features that make them safe and easy to use.

These double-stitched nylon bags are extremely durable and resistant to heat, preventing blowouts or melting when pressing rosin. They are also food grade and free of dyes making them safe to press rosin with.

There are many different sizes of bags available and each comes with three bags for easy pressing. These bags are also machine washer safe and reusable, meaning once you have a size you like you are set.

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