Valens GroWorks Going To Great Lengths To Ensure Quality Control

Licensed cannabis dealer and producer, Valens GroWorks Corp (CSE:VGW) was recently featured in a CFN Media article regarding the great lengths the company is going to ensure the highest quality and consistency throughout its operations.

The article talks about the cannabis industry coming of age. This is bringing its own set of challenges as the industry expands. Rigorous standards are being developed to ensure that companies produce trusted, consistent and safe products.

Valens GroWorks factors into the current landscape by taking all the extra steps needed to make sure that the company aims at the “high value market for cannabis extracts and related products both in Canada and internationally.” Valens is able to ensure this thanks to the company’s “three subsidiaries that cover the product life cycle from seed to sale.”

“Valens recently announced that its wholly-owned lab, Supra THC Services, obtained ISO 17025 accreditation for cannabis testing. Achieving such accreditation validates the laboratory and its results, engendering trust for the company’s clients.” This accreditation makes Supra the first cannabis-focused, licensed lab to receive this certification in Canada.

To read the full article, click here.

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