Top CBD Tea Review: The Brothers Apothecary

One of our favorites is CBD tea. While there are many different choices, we’ve selected The Brothers Apothecary as our number one choice for strength, ingredient quality, packaging, and transparency.

What is CBD tea?

CBD tea is any infusion that includes CBD and tea leaves, including herbal teas and bottled, pre-brewed beverages. Tea itself is one of the most popular beverages in the world for therapeutic benefits, often used to focus the mind, inspire relaxation, calm the nerves, and even help with issues related to occasional digestive issues, aches & pain, or sleeplessness.

By adding CBD, many manufacturers have boosted these qualities of tea, creating a unique way to enjoy CBD that works synergistically with other herbs and adaptogens.

How is CBD tea made?

There are a variety of CBD tea options on the market. This includes brands such as Green Roads, Buddha Teas, Harney & Sons, Glow Water, and many more. Each brand has a slightly different infusion process, with most containing 5-10mg per tea/serving, and using a form of CBD isolate or water-soluble CBD.

The Brothers Apothecary touts a completely unique form of infusion: a proprietary formulation that combines plant-based fats and organic binders with full-spectrum hemp.

After tasting all of the above brands (and many more) the results speak for themselves. With The Brothers Apothecary blends we tried, you get a hemp-forward, toasted flavor that pairs surprisingly well with tea.

Even more impressive: The Brothers blow the doors off the competition, with an impressive 50-70mg per teabag. Their bags can be brewed “2-3 times” according to their packaging, but we were able to get over 4 strong cups from a single bag of their Mellow Mint CBD Tea.

What kind of tea does The Brothers Apothecary offer?

Unlike most of the brands on the CBD tea list, The Brothers Apothecary seems to be constantly producing new flavors, and they have a large focus on blends, not single ingredients with CBD.

For example, they don’t just offer a “Chamomile” with CBD option. Instead, they’ve created their Golden Dream tea blend, which includes eight herbal ingredients that have their own unique benefits, including Spearmint, Orange Peel, Lemongrass, Hawthorn Berry, Linden Leaf, Rose Petals, and Blackberry Leaf.

Some of our favorite blends on their site include:

  • Golden Dream – A bedtime tea
  • Mellow Mint – A calming, mint focused tea good for supporting digestion
  • Buddha’s Berry – A green tea + Indian Tulsi for focus
  • Chai Awakening – A caffeinated chai for energy
  • Hibiscus – A fruity hibiscus tea for
  • Cosmic Cleanse – A rooibos + adaptogen blend of tea
  • Breakfast Buzz – A bold breakfast tea blend
  • Midnight Dream – A unique CBG tea variation of their Golden Dream

And frankly, there are a ton more (and likely more produced after this writing) we’d love to try.

Is The Brothers Apothecary CBD tea worth it?

The Brothers Apothecary is a little more premium-priced compared to others, with a single bag costing around $3-5/bag depending on the size and if you have a code (psst: you can use code CBDLOVE for 25% off + free shipping, which is an offer always available on their site).

However, when looking at the price per MG of CBD, they are among the most affordable. One bag contains 10-12 bags of the equivalent CBD servings from some of the other brands on our site, which contain as little as 5mg/bag.

While we think ANY amount of CBD is good to work into your diet, 60mg is certainly going much further than 5mg for your body. With extraction via steeping, we also suspect many low MG count teas rarely have a full serving in the actual tea once it’s brewed. Even at 50% extraction during steeping, The Brothers’ teas contain a measurable amount of CBD, compared to basically any CBD drinks on the market.

For that reason, especially if you’re looking for a CBD tea that will really work, we think the price is very, very reasonable. For stretching budget, we think you could take one bag and brew a mild-strength ½ or even ful gallon of tea, then keep it in your fridge for constant enjoyment. Seriously: we can’t overstate how full their bags are.

What are the benefits of CBD tea?

The next real question is why use CBD tea over CBD oil or gummies. There are a few good reasons to venture outside the norm and use something like CBD tea:

  • CBD oil is often limited, only including CBD + a carrier oil.
  • CBD gummies are almost exclusively made with high fructose corn syrup and food coloring. These are inflammatory and counteract the purpose of CBD.

CBD tea, on the other hand, is sugar-free, hydrating, and contains a myriad of unique herbs and botanicals that also support a healthy body. This can include supporting a healthy immune system, supporting healthy digestion, supporting relief from occasional aches, pains and discomfort, and supporting healthy sleep cycles.

What else does The Brothers Apothecary make?

One of the most fun things about searching The Brothers’ website was the sheer amount of products they have come up with. Because they own their own facility, brothers Shane and Jesse Richardson are able to make anything they want.

This has led to a myriad of unique products for the CBD space, including:

  • CBD + Mushroom Cocoa
  • CBD Protein
  • CBD Capsules (similar to their teas, all unique formulations that combine a wide variety of ingredients).
  • CBD essential oil rollers
  • CBD bath & beauty products
  • CBD lattes and sleep elixirs
  • CBD honey
  • CBD gummies are made from honey, not corn syrup

Where to buy The Brothers Apothecary CBD tea?

It looks like The Brothers Apothecary can be found in a number of stores across the country, and in places they have mentioned they are in “hundreds of retailers” nationwide. If your local CBD store doesn’t have them in stock, simply heading to their website seems like the best way to buy them.

However, if you’re in Portland, Oregon, you can visit their superfood cafe that just opened, called The Apothecary Wellness Cafe. There, they stock all their custom products. You can also order all of them right at the shop, adding things like espresso shots to their cocoa or ordering their plant-based CBD protein in a smoothie.

To learn more, head to their site below:

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