The Advantages of Cannabis Infused Edibles

Research proves that Marijuana can be a good cure for those suffering from serious health conditions like chronic pains, PMS, PTSD, the Crohn's disease and others.

Although smoking marijuana isn’t as dangerous as smoking tobacco, the long-term result of smoking in our health can cause bronchitis, irritated lungs, and other problems.

As the range of cannabis-infused edibles and drinkable products the Cannabis industry offers are growing day by day, makes us wonder why people still prefer to smoke joints. Moreover, people continue to pay extra costs for buying all those smoking accessories like pipes or vaporizers.

Edible Cannabis

On the other hand Cooking with Cannabis seems a great solution for patients and caregivers of those that suffer from ailments. Marijuana-infused products can be a handy way for one to take their medication in little doses.

Cannabis medicinal products can be easily used when cooking to make baked products, drinks, candies and other things. All these food items still hold the cannabinoids and their medicinal value, so the consumer/patient will still get one the benefits from marijuana.

There’s no argument that Cannabis edibles are more friendly to a greater range of people.


For example, people suffering from Asthma have to live daily with serious respiratory problems – their bronchial tubes to get irritated and close. Clinical studies have shown that the use of Cannabis helps the bronchial tubes to enlarge so that blood to flow better and they breath more easily. All those patients would be impossible to smoke marijuana, so marijuana edibles is a perfect way to go. Another big group of people that can safely use edible are kids. Children with epilepsy, for example, can get the benefits of edible cannabis products and sooth their epileptic seizures.


In order to get the psychoactive effects of Cannabis, the THC in cannabis must be converted to THC in a chemical easy heating process called decarboxylation. By heating the plant material and cooking it with fat we can convert the THC in your cannabis into a THC rich concentrate. Most of the people just mix their Cannabis with butter or coconut oil and heat it up. After a while, it is ready to infuse your mix with edibles like brownies and any other recipe and cook with cannabis.

When we consume cannabis-infused products the THC is metabolized by our liver too. One will still get a high effect from these products, that’s the reason why cannabis foods must be consumed moderately. The effect might take some time(around 40 minutes) to be seen. It is advised that you eat as little quantity as possible and wait until you are comfortable with these products-otherwise you can easily get knocked out.


Here’s 5 of Cannabis Edibles Benefits

  •  Cannabis edibles are a perfect solution for pain and cancer patients that follow chemotherapy. By eating edibles you get a longer and a body-heavy high. That’s the reason why people suffering from Nausea and vomiting symptoms can get relief from Cannabis anti-spastic, antiemetic, and anti-inflammatory properties. Most of these patients do not want or cannot smoke.
  • The last few years the Legal Cannabis Market offers edible solutions for precise dosing so Medical Cannabis patients can have full control over their dosing experience.
  • Cannabis edibles are particularly suited for patients suffering from stomach problems (for example IBS or Crohn’s disease). For all those people the digestive tract is the right way to consume Cannabis.
  • Even if you are not using Cannabis for its medicinal value it is good to know that has nutritional value. Many people eat raw cannabis to. Raw Cannabis is a healthy source of Vitamins K and C, iron, fiber, and folate. The Hemp seeds are considered one of the world’s most balanced sources of omega fatty acids. Cannabis seeds contain essential amino acids, calcium, and magnesium.
  • Where there’s smoke there’s fire and the smell of marijuana is distinct. A cloud of smoke can easily get attention. This can bring unpleasant reactions from other people. But with Cannabis edibles and drinkables you don’t have to worry – you can consume your brownies and delicacies and dose at your own pace discretely wherever you like


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