Texas Cannabis Gala: Father and Son Take Cheech and Chong’s Apothecaria World Wide

On January 13th, 2024, Dallas played host to Texas’ 1st Cannabis Gala. Funded by the visionary minds at DRMZ Cannabis Investments, in collaboration with US Weed Investing and Goodson Gallery, this gala marked a historic celebration.

At the core of the Gala’s significance was the monumental announcement by DRMZ Cannabis Investments—a strategic partnership with the iconic Cheech and Chong’s Cannabis Company. The evening unfolded as an array of lights and cameras flashed, unveiling the ambitious plans of DRMZ to not only fortify their presence within the borders of Texas but to expanding nationally and internationally. The deal, a brainchild of the father-and-son duo, John and Cody Fisher, has been hailed as striking “green gold” within the industry, setting the stage for a revolution.

This Historic Cannabis Gala served as a nexus of high society, business titans, and cultural influencers, all converging to witness the unfolding of a new chapter in cannabis history. The event is already going viral online with social media buzzing, flooded with inquiries about when and where the next Gala will be. As the anticipation lingers, it is clear that The Cannabis Gala has not only entered the books of Texas history but has ignited a spark of curiosity and excitement that echoes far beyond the Lone Star State.

When the Networking Stopped

 The speeches began and the spotlight shifted to the industry titans—DRMZ Cannabis Investments, DRMZ renowned for its empire including CBD Pros USA and Dreamz Cannabis Dispensary, unveiled a groundbreaking deal that has already made waves across the cannabis landscape.

In a strategic move, DRMZ announced a partnership with the iconic Cheech and Chong’s Cannabis Company. This alliance transcends geographical boundaries, as DRMZ sets its sights not only on fortifying its presence within Texas but on a world wide scale. The implications of this partnership are nothing short of monumental, with speculators already deeming it a multi-billion dollar opportunity.

Andrew Brandt VP of Business Development and Peyton Merrell Director of Sales talked about the industry revolution that has been triggered by this collaboration and how it is signaling a new era in cannabis franchising. Cheech and Chong, internationally recognized icons in pop culture, are set to have their Apothecarias proliferate nationwide and in cannabis-friendly countries globally. This strategic move leverages their Hollywood iconism to make a significant impact in the consumer cannabis world.

The father-and-son duo, John and Cody Fisher, orchestrators of this landmark deal, have indeed struck “green gold.” The Cannabis Gala served as the stage for the announcement, a momentous occasion that left attendees in awe and industry insiders buzzing with anticipation. As the implications of this partnership ripple through the cannabis industry, the The Cannabis Gala stands as a pivotal moment, marking DRMZ’s ambitious stride toward reshaping the future of cannabis on a global scale.

In tandem with this partnership, DRMZ has aligned forces with US Weed Investing, forming an alliance in the cannabis landscape. Led by a dynamic trio of entrepreneurs—Peyton Merrell (Cannabis Cowboy) as Chief Executive Officer, Paiglyn Perez as Chief Operations Officer, and Mike Anthony Vallone as Chief Marketing Officer—this strategic collaboration aims to not only raise essential capital but also attract investors for franchises and expansive area development deals. The trio’s fast proven track record in the industry, marked by adept investor relations and impactful viral marketing, adds a new layer of expertise to DRMZ’s ambitious strides.

Embracing the Local Talent

Beyond the business dealings The Cannabis Gala also shone a spotlight on the thriving art scene in Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Goodson Gallery exhibited the featured works of 8 talented local artists along with live jazz guitarist Andrew Getman.

A standout moment of the showcase was the live painting performance by Enrique Gonzalez. Known for his extraordinary speed, Gonzalez mesmerized Gala attendees as he deftly captured the likenesses of Tommy and Cheech on canvas. The vibrant strokes and dynamic portrayal added an interactive element to the Gala, bringing the iconic figures of Cheech and Chong to life in real-time.

The curation of local talent transformed the Gala into a cultural celebration, where art and cannabis intersected seamlessly. Attendees had the opportunity to engage with the artists adding an intellectual and creative dimension to an evening already rich in significance.

A Preview of Global Expansion

Attendees were among the first to learn that Cheech and Chong’s Apothecaria are set to make waves, popping up across Texas and soon nationwide, with speculations even hinting at international locations in the coming months.

Guests not only heard firsthand about the expansive plans for Cheech and Chong’s Apothecia but were delighted with a culinary experience as servers, holding gold trays adorned with Cheech and Chong’s Apothecaria culinary treasures, circulated through the crowd. Notably, The Cruise Chews Gummies, held in place by golden toothpicks, added an opulent touch to the Gala, offering not just a treat but a sneak peek into a future where the flavor of Cheech and Chong’s Apothecaria would soon be savored by cannabis enthusiasts around the nation and beyond.

Final Thoughts on The Cannabis Gala and Texas’ Future

As the Texas Cannabis Gala drew to a close, its impact on the state’s cannabis landscape became undeniable. From DRMZ’s groundbreaking partnership to the vibrant blend of artists, live music, and festivities, it’s evident that a growing Texan audience is yearning for updated cannabis regulations. Post-event interviews conducted by Mike Anthony delved into attendees’ thoughts on current cannabis laws in Texas, revealing a widespread desire for legalization. Many believe that a significant portion of Texas’ population already engages in recreational cannabis privately.

The overwhelming support for legal cannabis, coupled with the collective belief that many Texans partake in private use, paints an exciting picture for the future. The enthusiasm generated by this event suggests a strong case for the return of the Cannabis Gala in Texas. The success is not only a testament to industry advancements but also a reflection of the substantial public backing for Cheech and Chong’s and the broader cannabis movement. With visionary teams at DRMZ, US Weed Investing, and Goodson Gallery, the stage is set for an exciting future in Texas.

Photography credits: Porscha Morgan, Daniel Vida

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