Sony Joseph Books Launches Kickstarter Campaign Offering “Cannabisor Else” Cannabis Encyclopedia

“Cannabis or Else” breaks down all things cannabis, celebrating its positive qualities. A newcrowdfunding campaign is offering this must-have book for cannabis enthusiasts at a deep discount.

There is no shortage of testimonials from users who testify cannabis has opened up whole new doors of life for them.

This is the spirit fueling the new release from Sony Joseph Books the “Cannabis or Else: In-Depth Look at Any and All Things Related to Cannabis” encyclopedia. Making it’s July debut the new book is now available on Kickstarter in a crowdfunding campaign aimed at making the book available as a fun educational tool as widely as possible. The excitement surrounding the unique book is high and rising.

“Our mission statement and objective is to legalize cannabis in all 50 states, overturn convictions and advocate more medical cannabis use,” commented Jeffrey from Sony Joseph Books. “ ‘Cannabis or Else’ is going to help accomplish these goals, while opening up eyes to more infectious informaton about this wonderful herb than has ever been compiled in one place ever before.”

Some of the topics explored in “Cannabis or Else” include: THC; Sativa; Indica; CBD; the different strains of cannabis; the origins of cannabis; a look at the ways cannabis is consumed; flavors; aromas; legalization issues; and much, much more. All backed up by a professional layout, photos, and illustrations in a book whose first edition is almost sure to be a collector’s item.

For more information and to support the Kickstarter campaign be sure to visit ref=cjbnu3&token=c8ca34b5. ###

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