Pax 3: Setting a New Standard for Portable Vaporizers

For several years, smokers have been on their move to search for distinctive ways to take their hobby to another level without triggering much suspicion. Devices such as the Pax 3 portable vaporizer have recently exhibited a discreet method to vape anywhere without compromising vapor production or features. The Pax 3 vaporizer moves on the cycle with a new BLE connected app, improved heating times and concentrate support.

The Pax 3 has already huge hype. It is not only better compared to its predecessor; also it is believed to be among the best vaporizers of all time. One of the Pax 3 main improvements over its predecessors is being a dual-use vaporizer.


The heating oven of new Pax 3 is twice powerful compared to the Pax 2, hence faster heat up. The Pax smart technology is capable of detecting when your vaporizer is not in use and therefore will bring the vaporization process to a stop. Motion sensor technology can easily recognize in case you pick up your Pax 3 and get back to vaporization.

Pax labs have been able to push the ball head on power and heating rate in part because they have included new and improved technology on battery. The microprocessor technology improvements helps to better manage and make use of the available power. The effect is improved output working together with precision control to increase efficiency and life of battery.

Features and specification of Pax 3

  • Full color LED indicator
  • Free Smartphone App for both Android and iPhone
  • Original heat up is a speedy quick 15 seconds
  • Comes with 3 vaporizer oven options to enhance performance. They are: Half packed. Fully packed and concentrate oven
  • Internal accelerometer increases the mileage you get from your battery and herb
  • Features presets for your convenience
  • Made of mirror polished anodized aluminum body
  • Offer ten year warranty
  • Available color options are Gold, Silver, Black and limited edition rose Gold

PAX 3 Design

It is designed using a high- polished aluminum shell available in Gold, Black, Silver and limited Rose Gold edition. Pax 3 is the only vaporizer compatible with the PAX vapor app.

It enables you to further customize your device. One end of the device has a spot for a raised or flat mouthpiece. The other end has a magnetic lid that maintains your material in the oven. So Pax 3 has included an oven lid with a larger protrusion, therefore you don’t have to completely load it in order to achieve same effect. The Pax 3 addition app features dynamic modes, which are pre-designed vapor experiences for distinctive occasions optimizing settings of temperature, vapor production and LED brightness.

Downside – Conductive Heating

Herbal vaporizers have varying essential heating methods, they include conventional heating and conductive heating. The Pax 3 utilizes conductive heating method. The heating element warms the oven walls, and your breath pull vapor out of the chamber. Portable vaporizers such as Firefly 2 are capable of producing heat outside the bowl. It uses your breath to suck hot air through the material.

The Pax 3 should be used once turned on, because the lip sensor will turn down the temperature, when no one is drawing.

The Controls

Pax uses single button and an accelerometer for all its controls, using four-petal RGB LED readout on the front. Once you click the button it turns out the Pax off and on, while you hold the button for few seconds the temperature settings will be opened.

PAX 3 Mouthpiece and Button- Credit: The Vape Critic
PAX 3 Mouthpiece and Button- Credit: The Vape Critic

There are many modes of operating; they are accessed through rolling the Pax on your hand like an ear of corn. Three turns on the party mode, this lowers the temperature and therefore it becomes easy to pass around without burning anything. Games like light modes and Simon will turn the device into a colorful light button. Pax has released another app that can pair each vaporizer over Bluetooth LE.

Heating Efficiency

The immediate noticeable improvement over Pax 2 is the time of heating. It takes around 10 to 20 seconds for the Pax 3 to attain the vaping temperatures, which is twice as quick as the previous iteration. Therefore, production of vapor is the main point for the Pax, though there is a lot of learning curve incorporated. You have to breathe deep, with a solid stream of air, though the pacing calls for practice.

PAX 3 Chamber - Credit: The Vape Critic
PAX 3 Chamber – Credit: The Vape Critic

Warranty Period

The Pax 3 comes with 10 year warranty which is long when compared to other gadgets, and it’s stronger than most vaporizers.


The Pax 3 is really an impressive vaporizer; it is among the best portable choices in the market. It boasts of a sleek design, lights fast heating, strong and clean vapor. Representing an advancement of the company’s category flagship product, Pax 3 is considered to be the best dual-use vaporizer for concentrate and loose leaf materials. It will be available for around $275 in retail shops.

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