New Website Offers Interactive Listing of Marijuana-Friendly Establishments and Events, the premiere social online directory for marijuana-friendly hotspots, serves an international audience by providing an interactive map of bars, clubs, coffee shops, events, and tours where marijuana is welcome. The website does not show where consumers can buy marijuana. Instead, it offers a list of social places where people can safely, responsibly use weed.

With dozens of worldwide offerings, allows people to browse marijuana-friendly establishments and events. In addition to learning about places, events, and tours where weed is tolerated, the social site gives people a chance to weigh in with their opinions. visitors have the opportunity to rate and review each listing using the site’s five-star and commenting system. features vape clubs, weed clubs, weed-friendly bars, coffee shops, and marijuana-based events from around the world. The site also explores and explains vaporizers, which are becoming a frequently-used device when smoking marijuana. Many weed-smoking establishments are “vape-only”, and takes the time to describe the pros and cons of using various vaporizers on the market.

Visitors at can also add an event or location to the existing database of marijuana-friendly establishments and events.


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