New chocolate candy mold identifies THC laced edibles.

This one of a kind mold gives home cooked cannabis candy edibles a professional look and provides added safety.

The Cannabis Candy Mold Company has created the first-ever reusable chocolate molds specifically made for the home marijuana candy maker to distinguish the difference between THC medicated items meant for adults and candy for children.

If you are a cannabis “Willie Wonka,” making marijuana infused chocolate at home, your number one social obligation is to protect children and non consumers from accidental ingestion of your marijuana chocolate edibles.

A new chocolate safety mold available on Amazon makes your favorite infused candy molded with the new Colorado THC warning symbol that identifies your cannabis edibles as being infused and helps protect children and non users from accidental consumption. It is a smart and easy way to identify your candy as being THC infused. This one of a kind mold gives home cooked cannabis candy edibles a professional look and provides added safety.

Colorado is the first state to introduce legislation requiring that a universal THC warning symbol be on all cannabis infused edibles. This symbol may soon be adopted nation wide as the universal THC symbol for infused edibles.

Many states have strict potency guidelines for edibles and making your own marijuana infused chocolates makes sense allowing you to adjust the THC & CBD levels to your desired potency, but you’ll want to be safe and identify your laced goodies to the public. Using this chocolate mold is an easy way to do that.

With the introduction of our chocolate safety molds we hope to encourage the self-regulation the cannabis home candy makers identifying their infused products” says Russell Clark, designer of the molds. The Cannabis Candy Mold Company also caters to the Cannabis industry by providing their molds for retail sales in dispensaries and offers an Amazon affiliate program for Bloggers. They are also experts in producing custom silicone production molds for infused product makers.

Here are the Cannabis Candy Safety Mold details:

Available on THC Infused Chocolate Kit.  For $20 plus $4.99 shipping

Made of 100% premium, food grade silicone rubber, FDA approved, BPA free and eco friendly.

Temperature Range: – to 450F – Can be used for hard candy

As homemade cannabis infused chocolates become more acceptable at social gatherings it is mandatory that your home cooked marijuana cannabis chocolate edibles be clearly marked as THC infused to protect against accidental consumption by children and non users. This candy mold is a huge leap in the right direction.

Cannabis Candy Molds
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