Nectar Dispensary Portland Oregon

Nectar Dispensary is a marijuana dispensary that is able to provide customers with unique customer service, low prices and high-quality selections within the marijuana industry.

The team at Nectar is made up of educated budtenders, master curers, expert growers and plenty other dedicated and passionate members. They only use sustainable growing techniques and have small batch outputs that show the best quality for every single plant.

The goal for Nectar Dispensary is to be able to grow high quality cannabis that has the best effects, the best aroma and the best flavor. Nectar also has more than their large strain variety, but they also have other types of quality equipment and items that are made from cannabis nectar, edibles, bubble hash, topicals, a large selection of glass that is locally sourced and a lot of other merchandise.

The menu at Nectar will have a large variety of name brand edibles. Often times a customer will be able to find Smokiez slices, Kiva chocolates, and many other treats that are able to offer up to 700mg of THC. Nectar also has tinctures, syrups, and capsules in both CBD and THC formulas as well as a large inventory of soaking salts, rubs, balms, and oils for a customer who is looking for topical relief. If customers would prefer to use cannabis in the old fashion way, then Nectar offers designer pre-rolls in many flavors such as OG Stardog, Polar Dog, and Purple Gogi.

Nectar Dispensary in Portland is partnered up with many leading professionals in the industry to be able to provide customers with plenty of cannabis products that are of the best quality.

Nectar has 10 Oregon Liquor Control Commission dispensaries within Oregon, as well as 6 cultivation centers that are licensed with the OLCC and 3 licensed distribution and wholesale licenses. All staff at various locations of the Nectar Dispensary will abide by Measure 67 as well as welcomes all customers to come in and explore the large stock of connoisseur quality products that are offered.

If any customer has questions, they are invited to contact the team via email or phone at the convenience of the customer.

For more information, visit them at

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