MPX Raises US$40 Million Secured Convertible Loan

MPX Bioceutical Corporation (CSE:MPX; OTC:MPXEF) announced the completion of a US$40 million secured convertible original issue discount loan financing.

As quoted in the press release:

While non-interest bearing, the Convertible Loan has been issued at a discount price of US$812.06 per US$1,000 of principal and will accrue value at a rate of 7 [percent] per annum compounding on a quarterly basis until the Maturity Date. The Convertible Loan has been issued through a wholly-owned Luxembourg subsidiary of MPX (“MPX Luxembourg”).

Use of Proceeds

The proceeds of the Offering will be used primarily for accretive activities including capacity expansion, acquisitions, and to support activities involved with securing new cannabis extraction, production and dispensary licenses in various jurisdictions in both the United States and Canada.

In addition, US$9,500,000 will be reserved for payment of the seller notes due on June 30, 2018 in respect of the acquisition of 99 [percent] of the membership units of GreenMart of Nevada NLV, LLC in December 2017.

“The pace of growth in our industry continues to accelerate with several U.S. states launching new cannabis legalization programs, the Canadian provinces designing and implementing retailing initiatives and acquisition opportunities arising on both sides of the border and, indeed globally. We have been introduced to multiple expansion opportunities and will be providing our shareholders and the market with an update on our progress on several of these in the next few days,” says W. Scott Boyes, Chairman, President and CEO of MPX.

Click here to read the full press release.

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