Modern Medicine is now the third leading cause of death in America!

Most of us don’t know how many people are actually dying at the hand of the
very system that is supposed to save us. What is even more astonishing is that
the information about these travesties is completely hidden and not talked
Highlighted in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), and
reverberated in the upcoming documentary film Food Matters, is one of the best
articles documenting the tragedy of the conventional medical paradigm.
The author is Dr. Barbara Starfield of the Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene and
Public Health and she describes how the US health care system may be
contributing to our poor health.

These are deaths per year:
– 12,000 — unnecessary surgery- 7,000 — medication errors in hospitals- 20,000 —
other errors in hospitals- 80,000 — infections in hospitals- 106,000 —
non-error, negative effects of drugs
These total to 225,000 deaths per year from modern medicine!

Add to this the number of deaths from Heart Disease and Cancer each year and the
truth is out.
– 652,486 Heart disease- 553,888 Cancer- 225,000 Modern Medicine

Modern Medicine is now the third leading cause of death in America!

What we are experiencing now is a crisis of health care and looking to the
economics of the industry is not going to solve a thing. The fact of the matter
is that we need a whole new paradigm, we need to be looking at all the ways we
can boost health through nutritional therapy and other alternatives approaches
which are less toxic, less invasive, more effective, more safer and
significantly cheaper. The 30 or 40 million people who are without health care
insurance in America right now is getting some attention, as it rightly should.
However is the answer giving them access to a system that doesn’t really work.
Or do they need education rather than medication?

Every person reading this right now realizes that at some level they wish to
help their families lives, their children’s lives and the life of the planet.
And if this is our decision we need to be looking at our food choices very
closely and this is exactly what the new film Food Matters delves into. If
you’re after an answer to a significant health challenge or wish to protect
yourself and your family from becoming customers of the ‘sickness industry’ then
check out the trailer to the upcoming documentary film Food Matters.

Death Statistics:
Modern Medicine Statistics: Journal
American Medical Association July 26, 2000;284(4):483-5
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