Kratom and Cannabis

Kratom is an increasingly used plant in the US and throughout the world and many people see it as something that provides a positive experience.

Kratom Tree
Kratom Tree

When reading the following about Kratom, you might think that the description of Kratom almost sounds like that of Cannabis, however the two are worlds apart, and many report that the two compliment each other when taken together in light doses.  As coffee and Cannabis are a popular combination for some, Kratom and and Cannabis can have a similar effect.  Kratom is a stimulatory plant that can have a similar effect on the body to a cup of tea or coffee. Unlike coffee, it doesn’t cause restlessness or an increase in heart rate. Many who use Kratom for energy describe the sensation as feeling clear, focused and goal-oriented.

About Kratom

Like Cannabis, because Kratom is unregulated in the United States, patients must be careful and cautious about what they are taking.  Always consult a physician when taking any substance.

Kratom can enhance concentration
and allow you to focus on tasks to get them done more quickly. The white and green strains are useful in reducing brain fog and helping the brain eliminate distractions. For students it can help them focus in class and works particularly well for exams and tough projects. Some users have said it reduced the symptoms of ADD and ADHD.  Kratom may enhance mood giving a feeling of peace and contentment. A single daily dose can help block out negativity and help feel more optimistic throughout the day.

Mood and Pain Relief
When taken in larger doses it can evoke a sense of euphoria and overall happiness due to having mitragynin alkaloid which is a natural anti-depressant.  Larger doses of Kratom can act to relax the body and provide a sense of calm. Using more leaves or capsules can mean an anxiolytic effect on the body and serve as a natural sedative. It can help the mind release negative thoughts and reduce both nervousness and tension.  Kratom can also act as an analgesic or pain reliever. It has been considered as an alternative to traditional pain relievers that have severe side effects. It acts in a similar way to morphine to activate receptors to relieve both temporary and chronic pain. It can be used for a wide variety of conditions including: migraines, pain from arthritis, muscle pain, vascular pain and many others. It’s not addictive like prescription medication and doesn’t have adverse side effects.

Kratom can help you go to sleep faster and get better quality sleep. It helps the mind relax before sleep so stress doesn’t keep you awake. It may also increase the intensity and frequency of dreams. Many people who’ve used Kratom as a sleep aid have experienced longer and more intense dreams.

Kratom can also help eliminate social anxiety and make it easier to talk and interact with others without worry. It can help with public speaking engagements and overall add an ease to talking with strangers or large groups of people. To those who avoid social interaction due to anxiety, it can give a freedom to let you out to experience more social situations without awkwardness.

Cannabis and Kratom

While mixing Kratom and Cannabis may have adverse side-effects for some, others report good experiences with mixing the two.  Higher dosages of Kratom cause nausea for some, which can be treated with a light dose of Cannabis.  It is reported that the two herbs go well with each other, however, moderation is important when combining the two, especially going very light on Cannabis dosage.  The combination of Cannabis and Kratom is experimental.  Please always consult a physician before taking any herbs or medications.

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