James E Wagner Cultivation Corporation on MidasLetter

James E. Wagner Cultivation (JWC) (TSXV:JWCA) recently got featured on MidasLetter. The company CEO Nathan Woodworth came on the show to discuss aeroponics.

Aeroponics is a unique cultivation method applied by JWC. According to the article the company is able to achieve high yields and quality, without having to use pesticides.

“Well we’re a technology company in addition to being a licensed producer of medicinal cannabis. The technology at its core focuses on a technique called aeroponics. Aeroponics is a type of advanced hydroponic cultivation. Rather than suspend the roots in a substrate like rock wool or peat moss or put them in water. We hang the roots in an enclosure in the air. We then mist that root mass with a proprietary nutrient solution. This helps maintain the optimize health of the plant.” – CEO Nathan Woodworth stated in the interview.

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