Is Cannabis Good Or Bad For Mental Health?

The market size of Cannabis in the year 2021 was around USD 10.8 billion. In the year 2022, it  is around USD 13.2 billion. Enthusiasts and experts of the market say that the Cannabis market is projected to remain around USD 40 billion by 2030.

Therefore, it does not require expert knowledge to predict that the Cannabis market is on a high. Why not?…They keep you high, afterall. But clouds of question float on the air regarding the adverse effect of weeds on the mental health:

-Is Cannabis Good or Bad for Mental Health?

The article tries to enter the different alleys on the subject so that enthusiasts like you get a better idea of the subject.

Is Cannabis Good Or Bad For Mental Health?

Is Cannabis good or bad for your mental health? It will be very easy to say that Cannabis, an addictive substance, is not good for health. But believe us, the answer is not that easy. Though the substance is addictive, millions of people use it. It may denote, there might be something good in these.

According to physicist Richard Feynman, Cannabis is not a single substance, but it contains more than 500 chemical constituents. Therefore various dosages have been under the scanner to understand how Cannabis affects the human body in different ways, including mental function, appetite, pain, inflammation, and mental health.

Is Cannabis Addictive?

This discussion can draw us closer to answering the question of whether Cannabis Good or Bad for Mental Health.

If you are about 1 to 10 regular Cannabis users, you can be addicted for sure. According to a study, Cannabis can be okay with smaller doses and at some intervals.

But, continuous usage can make things worse for you, and you might develop tolerance if you take it daily. So now, after some time, you will need to increase the dosages of your intake. Soon you might experience the following:

  • Mood swings.
  • Sleep problems.
  • Be irritable.

These problems have a direct relationship with mental health issues. Therefore, users must be sure about the dosages before taking Cannabis.

How Long Does Weed Stay In Your System?

According to information published by Drug and Alcohol Information and Support Ireland, Cannabis stays in your body for around one to two days after use. The urine drug tests suggest that Majurina can be detected in your urine for a few days or several weeks. If you interested about how long is weed in your system then you can read the article.

If you use it once a week, Marijuana can be detected in your body for up to three days. Moderate users will find Marijuana in their bodies 5 to 7 days after the last use. Lastly, if  you are a chronic daily user, you can detect Marijuana up to 30 days after your last use.

Cannabis: How Good For Mental Health?

Let us find out the “good” of the use of Cannabis in the question, Cannabis Good or Bad for Mental Health.

Researchers are studying hard on the efficacy of Cannabis. But the clear benefits of the substance on mental health disease is yet to be established. However, physicians use products like TSH and CBD to understand their effectiveness. But at the same time they believe that people need to be judicious regarding the use of Cannabis.

Little has been deduced about the efficacy of Cannabis in treating mental diseases. Researchers analyzed  83 studies from the year 1980 to 2018. Among the 83 studies, around 40 were randomized controlled trials. It was observed that only in a few patients, TSH and CBD worked to benefit, meaning the efficacy of Cannabis in treating mental disorders was not proven.

National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine Review

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine prepared an extensive review on the efficacy of Cannabis in treating Mental health diseases. It is found from the review that out of the wide range of studies done, only three of them provided a positive review of the efficacy of CBD and TSH. According to the study, three studies provided a viewpoint on the effectiveness of Cannabis on chronic pain.

The three studies tell that patients suffering from extreme pain due to chemotherapy for a long time benefitted. However, they thought that nothing substantial came out regarding the efficacy of the herbs. Hence the official ratification of the effectiveness of Cannabis remains frozen, like the question, Cannabis is Good or Bad for Mental Health.

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Negative Of The Cannabis

Though the positives of Marijuana remain under observation, the negatives of the study are far more pronounced.

You May Get Hooked

Nine out of ten studies showed that you may get hooked when you consume Cannabis. It means if you consume Cannabis for a long time, you might be affected mentally. You might negatively affect your relationship, jobs, health, and finances. If you continue it for long, you will soon be a servant to it in the long run. Depending on Marijuana causes a lot of harm to your body and mind. All these are a symptom of getting into the zone of mental impairment. If you are getting hooked, you can easily get the answer to the question of, Cannabis is Good or Bad for Mental Health.

It May Impair Your Brain

If you continuously smoke Marijuana, you can find it extremely difficult to focus and concentrate on your studies. If you are using it for the short term, it won’t affect your health that much. But if you go on using the Pot heavily, especially in your adolescence, you can be in immense difficulty with your lessons. This is because it completely slows down your learning process. Moreover, these people are found to show lower IQs.

So Cannabis Good Or Bad For Mental Health?

Very few studies tell you about the benefits of Cannabis on mental health. The clinical studies have proved to be inadequate. Still, it requires more extensive studies on the real goodness of Marijuana for mental health benefits. Therefore, we hope you can well comprehend the answer to the question.

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