Interior Design For Your Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Creating an amazing experience for the members of your dispensary is what will keep them coming back and not jumping ship to the next dispensary down the street. Albeit, your supply of cannabis needs to be top quality and should be sustainably affordable too.

Finding sources for quality cannabis is something you’ll need to accomplish through your local community or widely used vendors who supply in your area.

Implement a Cool Design

There are tons of dispensaries out there, but to keep customers, you have to have a good product and a memorable experience.  Part of that memorable experience includes cool interior design.

Hempland marijuana dispensary
Hempland marijuana dispensary

Part of that design should include professionalism and a fun atmosphere.  Automation is also a great way to show customers that your shop is hip and up to date.

Marijuana Menuboards, for example, can give an impressive look for advertising your menu, while enabling budtenders & dispensary employees to manage in-store menus with ease, allowing them more time for the dispensary’s clients and customers.

The system filters, categorizes, colorizes, and sorts the menu data and delivers a beautiful display to in-store screens, with automation, flexibility, customization, and plug & play functionality.

Something While you Wait

The waiting room can be quite a boring place.  But it doesn’t have to be.

Instead of having patients read, why not an instructional video on the terms of the dispensary; what and what not to do.

The world’s daily activities are full of waiting, waiting in lines, traffic, on the phone, and in places where you wait, like waiting rooms. Ads are everywhere, billboards, television, newspapers, online; why not in the waiting room, and why not for cannabis?

Cannabis is one of those things that still have a negative stigma because of a negatively campaigned history due to industrial greed and racism. Today, people are a little more aware of youtube and activism, however, cannabis is still federally illegal and continues to remain illegal in many countries. The law is a 1930’s law that we just are not ready to completely dissolve. To get around the negative stigma, we need to continue to educate, and what better a setting than a waiting room?

The Medical Cannabis Network, for example, provides this service for dispensaries to play content in their waiting rooms while educating patients and recreational users about the benefits of cannabis. Patients are not only educated but go home leaving with more knowledge than they already had. That knowledge is passed on, and the negative stigma of cannabis slowly goes away.


With education comes the opportunity for advertising. Producers might show their ad in dispensaries carrying their products. An informative commercial about a particular item might catch the attention of a patient waiting and help to sell more product.


The idea of hanging marijuana posters on your walls may sound petty at first until you’ve seen the quality of materials and design that comes from the team over at BudPosters. These are not your typical department store posters. The designs are printed on either extra-thick museum quality paper with a matte finish or on hand-stretched canvas if you want the art on your walls to really stand out. You can also choose to have your design framed in a hand-built custom wood frame that will really add the finishing touch to make the artwork pop!


Who would have known that such an easy solution could provide such a huge improvement in the look and feel of your dispensary? The medical marijuana industry is growing fast and people are looking for their local dispensaries to be up to date with design trends and styles. Now there is a simple way to keep up without needing your own in-house (high paid) graphic designer. The team at BudPosers has handpicked a few of the industries’ most creative and clean design candidates who all have their roots planted in the medical marijuana industry.

In a recent post on the blog, they have announced that more products are in the works for dispensaries to help improve the visual look and feel of their locations. Although no date was given as to when these new products would be released, they did mention that a few things they are working on were something that every single medical marijuana dispensary needs and wants. Keep your eyes open for big things happening from the BudPosters team.

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