INDIVA Profiled On WeedReader As They Prepare Themselves For The Cannabis Edibles Market

INDIVA (TSXV:NDVA) was recently profiled in an article on WeedReader regarding the company’s plans to take over the cannabis edibles and derivative product market.

The article outlines the company’s goals and objectives. By focusing on client care and delivering a highly standardized product, INDIVA works hard to be financially and environmentally sustainable. Moreover, the company is able to achieve their goals by making sure they retain control over all their ventures. “This means owning their production and processing facilities in London, Ontario, while gaining exclusive rights through their partnership agreements. “

The article further talks about the companies two most recent acquisitions and partnership ventures with companies in the cannabis edibles market. Despite the government’s reluctance to legalize cannabis edibles at the same time as legalizing recreational cannabis, INDIVA COO believes that “There are a lot of patients and people who do not wish to smoke cannabis but still want access to its benefits. Cannabis edibles are perfect for this and the market is deficient so far. While cannabis flowers are the backbone of our operations, we anticipate producing and selling cannabis edibles to separate us from the competition. Our partnerships with Bhang and DeepCell are indicative of this and an important aspect of our business plan.”

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