How to Know If You Are Ready to Grow Marijuana

It’s fairly easy to grow marijuana, but how do you know if you are truly up for the challenge? Here are a few tips on some of the things needed before you jump in.

Have Confidence

As with any project, the ability to believe you can do it is going to make a big impact on your success. If you have never grown anything before, and are generally worried about the idea of keeping any living plant alive, you may want to get a little practice first. Start by attending a gardening class, plant something else (like tomatoes), or read marijuana growing information online to learn some of the basics. Growing marijuana isn’t hard, but you can make it so that it is.

Understand Your Space

Marijuana can be grown either in an indoor garden or outdoors.  Knowing that, the first thing you need to know is where you will have enough space to grow it.  Do you live in a location where growing marijuana outdoors is safe? If so, do you have a fence around that space? Your garden may be safe from your neighbors, but what about their cats?

If you decide to grow indoors, you may need to invest in artificial lighting and plenty of space. Do you have at least nine square feet, (and electrical power), to dedicate to your plant?  It’s going to need it. Even though it has a rather short growing cycle, you will need to nurture it throughout its life.

Understand Your Risks

The marijuana plant is not a small plant, and in many areas it is not legal to grow it.  Its recognition also makes it a socially challenging plant to grow. If this worries you, it may not be a good idea to grow it. If you still plan to grow this powerful plant, be sure you understand your rights and risks, before you get taken by surprise.

If you are able to say you can do all three of these things, you are probably ready to grow your own marijuana! Should you need any help along the way, read some of the articles or join the forum discussion at I Love Growing  Here you will find a community of growers who love growing the plant and love sharing their tips and tricks. Their site and Grow Bible has all the information you need to grow healthy plants- all you need to do is add the love.


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