How long does Marijuana stay in your system?

How long marijuana stays in your system depends on a few contributing factors.

The key factors to determining how long weed stays in your system are

  • Body Fat Percentage
  • Potency of the thc
  • Level of activeness

As you can see, how long thc will stay in your system varies on a lot of personal traits and lifestyle choices.

More information can be found on this and more at

Best Marijuana Detox Drinks on the market in 2017

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How to tell if an employer requires a drug test

Ever let anxiety get in the way of applying for that dream job because you fear the employer will require you to submit to a pre employment drug test? Find out how to tell which employers require you to pass a drug test before ever walking into the door to fill out an application.

Clean 420 has revealed the Best at home drug test for weed

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Best Detox Mouthwash on the market in 2017

Many employers now use mouth swab drug tests to catch applicants or injured workers off guard. Many have lost the chance at a potential job due to an employer sneaking a mouth swab drug test in on them at the time of the interview. You must prepare for this and we have saved you a lot of guess work in choosing the Best marijuana detox mouthwash on the market.

We are working on deciding the Best Detox Shampoo on the market currently.

As of  yet we have not found one we are comfortable recommending. If you have had success with a detox shampoo in the past, we urge you to contact us and give us the details of the test as well as the product you used. How often you smoked, and how far in advance you ceased use prior to being tested. We have explained how a hair follicle drug test works in this article, but like we said above, we are not comfortable recommending any detox shampoos yet as most have horrible reviews and we realize that most only mask the toxins for a brief period of time. Unless the hair is tested within eight hours after it is cut from the back of your neck, then the masking agent has lost it’s power leaving you to fail the drug test. We are researching this in much more depth and invite any insight on the topic.

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