How Can Neurological Disorder Be Treated By Cannabis?

The use of marijuana has increased in the past few years. With Hollywood celebrities like Morgan Freeman to Lady Gaga opening up on using weed, it comes as no surprise that marijuana has become the most-sought after drug.

Moreover, it is interesting to note that young people in their teens opt for cannabis instead of alcohol. That’s because using cannabis within safe doses does not cause hangovers. The public acceptance of the medicinal properties of cannabis has resulted in a change in perception to an extent.

The positive debate surrounding the drug is on the rise. But it remains a taboo drug for many. What you fail to understand is the effect of cannabis in managing neurological disorders. The psychoactive properties of weed may help you mellow down and cope with health problems. It can ease some of the severe symptoms associated with the condition. So, the affected person can improve their quality of life and complete daily tasks with ease.

The Side Effects Of Neurological Disorders

The human body is a wonder in itself. Do you know scientists are still trying to uncover the secrets of our bodies? The amalgamation of different systems in a body works in tandem to complete unbelievable functions. That’s the reason why human physiology and anatomy make a fascinating topic. Our neurological system is one of the most intricate and baffling systems, consisting of billions of neurons that work together to complete different voluntary and involuntary tasks.

Have you wondered what happens when problems develop in complex neurological systems? Suffering from any trauma to the nervous system can trigger problems such as:

  • Trouble moving
  • Difficulty speaking
  • Issues with breathing
  • Problems with learning
  • Trouble swallowing

According to the doctors, people can suffer from more than six hundred neurological diseases, including degenerative diseases, migraines, epilepsy, meningitis, and many others. These neural disorders make you physically and mentally ill. Therefore, seeking assistance to deal with such conditions improves the quality of life. While medications can manage the problem, alternative options can make affected people feel at ease.

Recently more people are using cannabis for alleviating symptoms of such neurological disorders. To meet the increasing demand, many people have now started to grow cannabis at home. Many trusted seed banks offer access to the best cannabis oil to weed enthusiasts for growing affordable supplements.

Different Neurological Disorders Addressed By Cannabis

It is interesting to note that people in earlier times included weed in their routine. Incidentally, people started giving weed the stink eye after the passage of the 1937 Marihuana Tax Act. It resulted in cannabis losing its legal and public acceptance. Recently, many states in the USA legalized cannabis for medical purposes. It has now brought back the attention on cannabis after nearly a century.

Cannabis can address some of the most prevalent neurological conditions. While the efficacy and safety of using cannabis to treat such issues remain unclear, people can find relief to a certain extent:

Stress And Anxiety Disorders

According to population-based surveys, nearly 33% of the population worldwide suffer from stress and anxiety-related disorders. The sad fact is that most people fail to address the problem. Without treatment, anxiety disorders start to interfere in their daily life and lead to depression. Cannabis may have an anti-anxiety effect. It can deal with conditions such as:

  • GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorders)
  • PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)
  • Panic disorder
  • Social anxiety disorder
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)


Are you suffering from debilitating headaches along with nausea and other symptoms? You can develop such uncomfortable signs due to the migraine. Do you know 14% of the global population suffers from this neurological condition? Most people use pain medication to deal with the problem. But it has severe side effects. Several studies indicate cannabis can reduce acute and chronic pain caused due to conditions like migraines. Instead of taking a handful of anti-pain pills, this alternative option sounds wonderful, isn’t it?


Seizures or epilepsy is a neurological condition affecting around fifty million people worldwide. Medical marijuana contains cannabinoids and can act on the brain cells to ease the frequency of seizures. It is specifically beneficial for young adults who suffer from frequent seizures that cause a decline in their cognitive ability. Cannabis may suppress pediatric epilepsy syndrome and improve the quality of life of young ones.

Multiple Sclerosis

It is a disabling disease developing due to the immune system attacking the brain and spinal cord. MS can trigger acute and chronic neuropathic pain. For people finding no relief with the traditional MS treatment, cannabis may offer a ray of hope. Cannabis may provide relief from muscle spasms and stiffness caused due to the condition. With famous TV personality Montel Williams advocating the positive effects of cannabis on MS, no wonder many others look at it as the miracle drug.

Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease is one of the common neurodegenerative diseases triggering motor and non-motor symptoms. Unfortunately, it is a permanent condition with no cure. Today, affected people have limited treatment options for managing symptoms such as slow cognition and stiffness. Meanwhile, cannabinoids in cannabis can ease symptoms of PD, such as bradykinesia and dyskinesia.


With passing time, cannabis has become a useful tool for optimizing health and boosting pleasure. Research and studies are in an infancy stage, but the future of cannabis in treating neurological disorders seems bright. With more and more people turning to the plant-based option, the demand will increase in the future. It is no wonder celebrities like Whoopi Goldberg have understood the potential of cannabis and invested in a company offering medical marijuana products. More studies are underway to discover the effectiveness of cannabis in dealing with the symptoms triggered by neurological conditions.

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