High Tech Plant Operating System

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As growers, we need to pay intricate detail to every detail, to make a quality, successful product.  In order to have a successful product and yield, we want to always be in control of our growing environment.  Don’t you wish you didn’t always have to be there to do that?  Well, now there may be a way!

High Tech’s High Tech Plant Operating System gives growers the precise controls needed to achieve the ultimate growing conditions for healthy plants. Their easy-to-use hardware and software measures photosynthesis, temperature, humidity and CO2 in real-time. System alerts and notifications allow for fine tuning your garden from anywhere, anytime. Control everything from your mobile device, including managing lights, air conditioners, dehumidifiers and CO2 generators.

Growing is art and science. Trial and error work best with a creative approach then, systematic repeatability. Since Plant OS monitors the metabolic response of your plants, as well as real-time conditions, you’ll get faster, repeatable, programmable, experimentation. With this high tech plant system, you can expect better, faster results in your garden.


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We admire the developers behind this system, a team of MIT engineers and designers, and an investment banker, all experts and product and business development.  Read more about them here.

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