Full Spectrum vs. Broad Spectrum vs. CBD Isolate

Few plants in the world are as rich as cannabis. In just over 50 years, 113 components of this plant have been determined, and one of the most common is the CBD. This component provides the human body with countless benefits that are just beginning to be studied.

Many people simply use CBD to relax, and calm their anxiety. Others use it to fight their pains, even though they are chronic. In addition, CBD has begun to be used as part of the medical treatment of diseases such as epilepsy, sclerosis or fibromyalgia.

CBD spectrum do nothing more than measure how much CBD is in a product, in addition to what other components accompany it. Coming from cannabis, it is difficult to extract products with 100% CBD. However, there are different ranges to measure it: full spectrum, broad spectrum CBD and CBD isolated.

This can have an influence on drug testing, so if you are a person who needs to undergo these tests constantly, you should know what the best spectrum of CBD is for you.

How is CBD extracted from cannabis?

It is normal to wonder how only one component of cannabis can be separated. This plant has two main components: THC, which is the main psychotropic type, and CBD. So how can CBD are separated from THC and other components? There are various methods.

One of the main ones is methods through the extraction of alcohol, using ethanol. Although this is the cheapest, it produces a lower quality CBD, as traces of ethanol inevitably remain in the final product.

As a consequence of the impurity of the CBD extracted with ethanol, there is the carbon dioxide extraction process. This method that uses CO2 produces higher quality CBD oil by being cleaner and purer. CO2 can be used in two ways: with low or high temperature. The best form of extraction seems to be at low temperatures, because the greatest amount of Cannabinoids is conserved.

What are the spectrums of the CBD?

Depending on what type of cannabis they come from and how the extraction process is defined, the CBD spectrum will be defined. This is no more than the amount of CBD that is included in a given product. The classification usually varies depending on whether the CBD is alone or if it is accompanied by other Cannabinoids.

In any case, the spectrums allow to also defining the purity of the CBD. For many people it is convenient to know the specific amount of what they are consuming, and thus determine their effectiveness. Since not all CBD is the same or has the same intensity, not all doses may be the same. This is where the classification between the spectrums comes in.

CBD spectrum classification

But how many CBD spectrums are there? And how are they divided and classified? Mainly, we can understand that the classification of the CBD spectrum is based on the other Cannabinoids or external elements that accompany (or not) the CBD. However, this does not imply that a product made with CBD and traces of other Cannabinoids is less effective than one that only has CBD.

It can be said that there are three types, which are the most important: the full spectrum, Broad spectrum, and finally, the CBD isolated.

Full spectrum CBD

The CBD most similar to cannabis is the full spectrum CBD. If the CBD was extracted with a quality method that managed to preserve the Cannabinoids, this spectrum is in many cases one of the most effective for the different existing treatments.

It is common that the full spectrum CBD comes from hemp, a plant that, according to current US legislation, can only be considered as such if it has 0.3% or less THC. This amount of THC in the product is not capable in any way of being able to get you high. This spectrum has shown greater effectiveness for the treatment of epilepsy thanks to its rich composition.

In addition, full-spectrum CBD often encounters small traces of other cannabis components such as CBC, CBDV and CBV. The Terpenes, as well as Flavonoids and fatty acids, added to the chlorophyll are also present. All this provides an enriched product that is able to offer an extremely natural experience to those who consume it.


  • The most natural form of CBD oil with the least manufacturing
  • Offers all therapeutic benefits of the cannabis plant through the entourage effect

Broad spectrum CBD

THC can be a problem for many people. We are all clear and aware that. The extraction of CBD from the cannabis plant has been massified to be commercialized independently of THC. But, even so, minimal traces of THC can remain in a purely CBD product. There is an alternative.

The broad spectrum CBD is one that usually eliminates any minimum amount of THC in the product, partially keeping the rest of Cannabinoids. For this reason, broad-spectrum CBD is one of the most convenient options for those who cannot consume THC in any way, but want to have an experience similar to that of full-spectrum CBD.

The process to get to form a broad spectrum CBD is based on the full spectrum CBD. From it, a chromatography is carried out to extract all THC from the substance.


  • Offers all therapeutic benefits of the cannabis plant through the entourage effect
  • Can create highly specific blends

CBD Isolate

Do you want to consume only and exclusively CBD? That is also possible. CBD can be isolated until it has only its molecule. This is reflected by obtaining a white powder, which is the purest presentation of the existing CBD. The concentrations of CBD in this powder are practically absolute, as they are usually higher than 99%.

The white CBD powder has also been transformed into an element that can be added to other products. For example: there are isolated CBD oils, in which the previously extracted and processed powder is subsequently added. It is important to keep in mind that the isolated CBD removes all natural Terpenes, so if a product is needed that requires them, other artificial ones should be added. Although this spectrum is useful for some, its realization eliminates other components that may be therapeutic.

From the oily substance that constitutes the full spectrum CBD, the procedure for obtaining isolated CBD begins by filtering to remove some components. It is subsequently heated, to convert the CBDA into CBD again. This causes the substance to dry and form the white powder characteristic of the isolated CBD.


  • The purest type of CBD
  • No risk of psychoactive effects
  • No risk of testing positive for THC
  • Considered safe by most medical authorities
  • Tasteless and odorless

What is the safest CBD spectrum?

Do you want to only consume the safest CBD? The truth is that all CBD is safe. You should not worry about consuming CBD, as long as you are clear about the dose that suits you. If you still have more doubts, it never hurts to consult with your doctor. However, it is important that you are certain that the three types of CBD spectrum are safe.

Also, if you are worried about THC, you just need to know that at these concentrations it is impossible for you to generate any hallucinogenic effect. And if, even so, that matter still concerns you, you can opt for one of the other two spectrums. The CBD only brings benefits and does not harm the health or generate any type of addiction.


Are you stunned to see so many types and categories of CBD that you don’t know which one to choose? Now you are clear about what CBD spectrum are, as well as their benefits. The full spectrum CBD seems to be the best option because of its resemblance to the same nature. Also, the broad spectrum CBD maintains that purity only by removing THC to avoid inconvenience. It is also appreciated the isolated CBD and its high concentration.

Whatever your choice, CBD in any of its spectrum is a component that can help you have a healthier and more bearable life. Scientific research grows, and with it, knowledge of the properties of this cannabis component.

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