Five Key Benefits of Medical Cannabis Tincture

It’s no longer a secret that the cannabis plant has lots of medicinal benefits.

And as it turns out, anyone looking to exploit some of these health benefits of cannabis can always look to medical cannabis tincture, especially if smoking is not your thing.

Tinctures are simply liquid concentrates of cannabis

Interestingly, they’ve been around and were sold in pharmacies before the prohibition took effect in the 1930s. Today, you can now get medical cannabis tinctures if you need it for health reasons. If you’re wondering whether this may be right for you, below are some of the many awesome medical cannabis tinctures benefits

A healthier and smoke-free way to use cannabis

If you’re worried about smoking a joint or won’t consider it for any reason, you’ll find a healthier alternative in medical cannabis tinctures. You’ll only need to take it sublingually, under your tongue. There will hardly be any risk of respiratory system irritation, skin collagen production suppression, or any of the other risks associated with smoking.

Safe medical cannabis for people of all ages

Medical cannabis tinctures are safe for both adult and pediatric patients.

This is down to the smoke-free nature of the tincture as well as the ease at which you can control dosing. Parents worried about the psychoactive property of cannabis can find non-psychoactive CBD-dominant tinctures. There are also those tinctures made exclusively from acidic cannabinoids such as THCA and CBDA. It’s all about what you want or what you need.

Versatility and variety

It’s actually about what you want.

Medical cannabis tinctures come in different varieties. Whether you need CBD-dominant tinctures, THC tinctures or CBDA tinctures, your options of cannabinoids are quite many. And since usage does not involve burning, a lot of useful cannabinoids and terpenes will also be preserved in the process. This versatility makes tinctures a perfect choice for many occasions, whether you’re in the market for a daily supplement or trying to treat a specific medical condition.

Rapid delivery and effect

Tinctures are to be placed directly under the tongue.

This sublingual use means delivery is rapid and patients can expect the effects from as little as five minutes. Compared to edibles that may take forty minutes to an hour or more before the effects can be noticed, placing medical cannabis tinctures under the tongue provides easy access to the bloodstream where the tinctures are easily absorbed for instant effects. However, the tinctures should be kept under the tongue for at least thirty seconds to one minute before being swallowed.

Discreet dosing with medical cannabis tinctures

Whether you’re looking for something you can take on the go or something you can use discreetly, medical cannabis tinctures are a great fit for any of this. The tinctures are odorless and look more like your conventional medicine. They’ll fit into your purse and backpacks easily and you won’t need to light a fire to use them.

Bottom Line

Tinctures are perfect for children and adults looking to enjoy the medical benefits of cannabis. If you’re looking to use cannabis discreetly or you find smoking difficult, medical cannabis tinctures will help you enjoy the medicinal benefits of the cannabis plant.

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