Does Vape Juice Expire: All You Need To Know

Most vapers have a habit of buying more vape juices than they need. And, after a while, there is a whole collection of unopened e-juice bottles gathering dust on the shelf. You plan to use the juices eventually and certainly don't want to throw any of the bottles away. What if some of the vape juices there have reached their expiration date? But, does vape juice expire? Read on to find all your answers.

Does Vape Juice Expire?

The answer is yes, it does. You will find an expiration date (usually consisting of a month and a year) on the bottles, and it is to be taken seriously.

Both VG (vegetable glycerin) and PG (propylene glycol) are the reasons why the date of expiration for vape juices is set at one to two years. But most of the changes in the e-juice are from the degrading flavorings and oxidizing nicotine. Although the effects and impact of aging vary considerably from one vape liquid to another, it is generally noted that the older juices contain weaker tastes and less nicotine.

So, when you buy vape juice online in 2020, try to use it within at least two years to get the right taste and feel.

Furthermore, there is no reason to think that vape juices can turn bad outside the tank and not in the tank. Keep in mind that the tanks become usually hot, and you have to carry them around. Thus tanks also have the right conditions for vape juices to age fast.

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Signs to Determine If the Vape Juice Is Still Good

There are a few things that you should check to determine whether the vape juice is still good to go. Here are the five signs that help determine if the vape liquid is still suitable for your use.


It is natural for the vape juice’s denser and heavier elements to sink to the bottle’s bottom naturally. This is the reason why the bottles say “shake well” on the label. Give it a little shake, and it will all get remixed. If the contents are not mixing, no matter how much you shake the bottle, it’s time to throw the e-liquid away.


One whiff of that gallon of milk in the fridge, and you know it’s time to throw it out. It is the same thing with an e-liquid that is past its expiry date. Even though all e-liquids do not drastically change their smell, in most cases, it does, and that is an excellent indicator to discard it.


The flavors tend to degrade over time. This means the liquid will change the taste or end up losing aspects of its flavor profile altogether. If the e-liquid does not taste even remotely like what you remember or expect it to be, the product has expired, and it is time to reach out for some other vape juice.

Color Changes

Vape juices tend to darken with time, especially those with nicotine in them. Oxidation of nicotine changes its color and the color of the e-liquid changes with it. If the color goes too dark or when it turns into colors that are not brown and yellow, you should replace the liquid.


Usually, vape liquid that has gone much thicker than it initially turned terrible. Though no e-liquid is syrupy, the thickest of them have a nature like viscous oil. The thickness of the vape juice also determines the temperature that the battery will need and the quality of vaping. It would feel unpleasant to vape and leak out of the tank or ruin the coils.

Should You Vape Expired E-Juice?

Taking a hit or two out of an expired vape juice will not harm you. That is how most vapers notice that there is something wrong about the e-liquid in the first place. But, it is also worth mentioning that no studies have been done on the safety of using expired vape juices.

As mentioned earlier, it is mainly the flavoring and the nicotine of e-juices that goes bad. Therefore, you would vape something that tastes wrong and does not ensure a satisfying vaping session. Thus, there is no point in wasting your time with an e-juice that no longer gives you a great vaping experience.

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How to Store Vape Juices

You will have to pay attention to how you store the vape juice if you want to increase its lifespan to some extent. Vape liquids are best stored in an airtight bottle in a cold and dark place. The e-liquid will deteriorate faster than you think if you put it in a warm environment or under direct sunlight.

Both air and light are harmful to the vape juices as they oxidize nicotine leading to its breakdown within the juice. Thus the color of the vape juice turns brown. Keeping them in a closed space like a cupboard is ideal.

You should never keep e-liquids stored in the fridge because that affects the juice’s consistency and taste. The ideal thing to do is to store the juice a bit below room temperature.

Also, keep in mind that the plastic bottles that vape juices come in are usually not suited for long term storage. If you plan to store it for a pretty long time, make sure to transfer the juice to a tinted, airtight glass bottle. You will easily find such bottles at a store near your place. Don’t forget to label each bottle, and mention the expiration date in that label as well.

The Bottom Line

Understandably, you don’t want to keep throwing away spoiled or expired bottles of vape juices. Thus the best thing you can do is to buy e-liquids in small quantities every few weeks. After all, you will get better tastes from a fresher bottle. But in case you have purchased an extensive stock, follow the tips outlined above, and start checking the quality of those vape juices you’ve been storing for so long.

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