Difference between Cannabis Seeds

Feminized Seeds

Of Dutch extraction, Feminized Seeds completely eliminate the worry of having male plants take up space in a garden, ruin a crop, and be generally useless.

There is no difference in the growing technique of the Feminized Seeds; they can be grown indoor, outdoor, greenhouse, hydroponic, or in soil, and these seeds will still be perfect for the grower. They are also far more stable and typically deliver a much higher rate of potency.

As a general rule the Feminized Seeds is simple, effective, and reduces the chance of complications and increase the likelihood of maintaining high quality and quantity.

Feminized Seeds have slowly but surely begun to dominate the growers market for years now, taking nearly 90% of European sales.   They are excellent for any grower, from personal to large scale growth and are considerably more reliable, effective and efficien.  If you are looking for a way to help ensure that your crop maintains a standard of excellence, feminized seeds are certainly the way to go.

Regular Seeds

There are some seed collectors who prefer the old fashioned approach when it comes to their cannabis seeds; they prefer non-genetically altered seeds and so on and so forth.  If you are one of these people then regular seeds are certainly for you.

For growers who wish to produce their own seeds, the male plants are an important part of the process; the pollen from the male plant is used to fertilize the female plant in order to produce seeds.

Naturally grown seeds tend to supply roughly 50% male and 50% female seeds; this can vary from crop to crop but is usually in favor of the female seeds.

These seeds are also occasionally used by some in order to re-introduce cannabis back into the wild where it has the space to run free. This is a nice idea in some countries, to have little areas of natural cannabis growing in your local woods, but it shows that these seeds are considerably less temperamental and a little harder wearing than the seeds that have been altered for growing.

If you are looking for something a little more cost effective than the genetically altered strains, regular seeds are the way to go.  Certainly it won’t be as easy for someone to ensure the maintained quality and uniformity of their plant, but plants will often attain the best features from both parents.

So in conclusion for a simple, traditional seed then look no further than the constantly underrated regular seed.

Auto Flowering seeds

Auto Flowering Seeds simply means that when the seeds reach a certain age, they switch from vegetative growth to flowering completely of their own, rather than having a need for the correct hours of light and dark as photoperiod dependant strains do.

These seeds will often be ready for harvesting within just 10 weeks of growth, quite possibly even as short a time as 7 weeks, which of course labels them a time saving enterprise.

Auto Flowering seeds are very useful for going about growing in a stealthy manner; they can be kept short in stature without causing any damage or stress to the plant itself. Some key points:

  • There is no need to have separate areas for the vegetative and flowering stages making the growing process considerably easier.
  • Seed production is extraordinary and, from only 1 inch tall, these plants have the ability to produce hundreds of seeds.
  • There is no real need for climate control as the life span is short; they can grow in hot or cold climates.
  • They are practical for growth in an outdoor city environment.  Many other strains are somewhat stressed out by the amount or artificial lighting up, Auto Flowering plants are not.
  • Plants can produce many harvests in one season.

These traits make for an extremely easy and stress free experience for the grower and so can be used by anyone, from first time gardeners to the thoroughly skilled; there is no need for fancy machinery or complex and time consuming lighting systems.

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