CBD The New Craze for Pets

One of the fastest-growing areas of the cannabidiol or CBD market is pets. This market has been fueled in almost all aspects by pet owners and not veterinarians. This Is because federal laws on CBD remain rather rigid and many state laws are either vague or do not allow vets the same leeway to provide advice or guidance about CBD as other approved substances.

But that has not stopped the rise in CBD products made for pets, particularly dogs. The emphasis of the CBD is to treat illnesses and medical conditions that their pets are facing, most notably the following;

  • Arthritis
  • Seizures
  • Pain Management & More

As a result, the CBD industry now offers many pet-oriented products that include chew toys infused with cannabidiol, treats, and tinctures.

Why the Pet Craze for CBD?

The rise in demand for CBD aimed at pets seems to be a grassroots effort by pet owners and not stemming from anywhere else. Perhaps in part from pet owners looking for new treatments for their dogs and cats combined with how effective and mild CBD is for humans, the result is a new industry rising from within CBD that has exceeded $100 million and is growing exponentially. Mark McCool, CEO, and founder of Maxvera, a white label CBD company, believes that the CBD space could see up to 1 Billion dollars just within the next year.

The craze itself does seem to be the desire to provide a safe, effective, and non-addictive treatment for pets that suffer from conditions similar to what humans use CBD to treat. Because CBD is an anti-inflammatory agent, it does appear to work well in treating pain, arthritis, and other conditions that are driven by inflammation.

Does CBD Work?

The answer does not come from any long-term studies since few if any have been created. What can be said is that CBD is no more dangerous for most pets the same way that it is not dangerous for humans to take. This is because CBD does not contain THC, the psychotropic element found in marijuana or homegrown cannabis. So, the cannabidiol that remains has a mild effect with few, if any unwanted side effects depending on the dosage that is used.

What can be said from anecdotal evidence is that many pet owners believe that CBD does work. It is also true that CBD is metabolized by the liver, so if your pet has any liver condition it may not be wise to administer the CBD.

If you decide to use CBD oil, then try the pet products that have it infused in treats. Be sure to start with a minimal amount in terms of dosage and watch the results carefully. Most pets will probably not show any obvious signs of whether it is working or not, but you can slowly increase the dosage if it is prudent.

Whether you choose to give your pet CBD to treat specific conditions is up to you. What can be said is that many vets will provide some advice and guidance if you ask them first about CBD and its effects. What also can be said is that many vets may prefer prescribed treatments over CBD, but if the conditions that are being treated are mild in nature, then CBD may be right for your pet.

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  1. Don Reynolds says

    My neighbors Dalmatian who is about 6 years old now was having 2-4 seizures per week before the owners gave her cbd oil. Now she has them 1-2 per month and seems to be getting better each month! I was astounded at just how much it has helped her. Her coat also seems to be a lot more vibrant/shiny and overall her health has improved drastically!

    Here is another helpful post for readers who may have pets that suffer from seizures as well. https://plantsbeforepills.com/pot-for-pets-benefits-cbd-oil-furry-friends/

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