CBD Private Label: What You Need to Know

What is private labeling? Did you know that almost every CBD brand on the market does not make their CBD gummies themselves?

Is Private Label the Same as White Label?

A private label brand is a business devoted to creating products that third parties can sell as their own. They don’t market, brand, or sell any of their own goods and are focused on manufacturing products that are sold to other companies, who sell them to other businesses or consumers.

Private labeling is different from white labeling.  Private labeling is when a supplier or manufacturer produces merchandise that is packaged and sold exclusively to one customer.

White labeling is the process of selling a generic product to multiple retailers, and branding the product with the same material, possibly a different look or label to a niche market.

What Does Private Label for CBD Mean?

A private label is when a supplier or manufacturer produces merchandise that is packaged and sold exclusively by a third-party seller.  The supplier or manufacturer profits by selling goods to third parties, and the third party then profits by selling to consumers.

Private labeling is commonly used in e-commerce and also a common strategy in the food industry, as well as in the Cannabis and CBD markets.  It allows businesses of any size to be immediately competitive without formulation expertise.

Private label can be useful for CBD companies as it maximizes production capability, and lowers equipment costs, allowing sellers to maximize their profits. Manufacturers and growers do not need to worry about marketing or retailing and can be synergistic with companies that are skilled in these areas.

CBD sellers who don’t have enough or any inventory can commit time to brand their product and sales.  Pharmaceutical companies can also benefit from being able to source products from reliable suppliers.

Private labels can make pricing less complicated for both the manufacturer and the seller.  Each party takes care of the costs in running their own part of their business and can calculate margins in a more organized way.

Growers and wholesalers can sell raw materials to third-party sellers by way of private labeling, giving these businesses an easier and smoother opportunity to grow profit and maintain supply and production.

Private Label vs. Brand

It is important to understand the differences between private labels and branding:

  • Private label products are sold with no branding
  • Branded goods are marketed with their own brand name and specific product characteristics.
  • Private label companies profit by selling manufactured goods to other businesses
  • Brands profit through their product margin revenue
  • Private label companies usually sell only to other businesses
  • Brands may be business to business or business to consumer

What Does Private Label Mean for Customers?

When a customer purchases a private label product, unless they’ve done thorough research, they won’t be aware that the product is private label.  Generally, this does not affect customers at all.  As long as the product works, there should not be anything to worry about.

Types of Private Labeled Products in the CBD Niche

There are various types of CBD products.  Nowadays, there are countless different types of CBD products you could buy. This includes CBD gummies, tinctures, seltzers, lotions, oils, and so much more. As a result, it is very easy to feel overwhelmed as you realize the huge number of available choices.  Manufacturers in this business might create some of the following applications for CBD.

Oils And Creams

To treat skin problems you can use hemp and CBD oil as well as creams.  In fact, these oils are fast becoming a favorite for natural skin care because they are fast-acting and offer a large range of benefits.  The problem is that it is not always easy to purchase hemp or CBD oils.  You also need to ensure that the oils have a high purity level as many people have found that there are few of these molecules in some brands.


Tinctures are a great way to get the relief provided by cannabis-derived terpenes, especially if you suffer from anxiety or chronic pain. You can get the benefits of cannabis without smoking it or vaping it. You can consume tinctures on their own or by mixing them with a drink of your choice.

It’s also possible to add a tincture to food if you want to try to hide the taste and make the experience more enjoyable. Another way that people enjoy tinctures is through the use of a dropper and placing droplets under the tongue. It’s a great method if you need the effects to start happening in a short period of time.


Edibles are similar to tinctures in the sense that both will make you feel the benefits of CBD. The big difference is that edibles are food items that are infused with a certain amount of CBD. You can infuse almost any type of food that you can imagine and turn it into a CBD edible.

CBD distillate is similar to oil or butter. It’s easy to spread or mix into food so you can enjoy your favorite food items with a bit of a twist. Your liver will digest the CBD after you consume the edibles and the cannabinoids will then get sent to the brain.

Edibles are a great option when consumed responsibly.  But a major benefit is that they can be medicinal without getting you high.  From gummies, cookies, chocolate, or the famous brownies, this method offers a medicinal effect on the whole body, perfect for people suffering from loss of appetite, nausea, or generalized pain.

With this method of consumption, you can easily avoid inhaling potentially toxic compounds, which results in saving your lungs from irritation.

Today there are several known benefits resulting from its inclusion in a daily dietary plan. Cannabinoids are famous today for their extraordinary healing properties and, even from home; you can prepare a simple smoothie or CBD edible, ready for use.

CBD edibles are becoming more popular among medical and recreational consumers.  These are perfect for those who want to enjoy the benefits of cannabidiol without vaping. You can even be a former smoker, or just do not want the stigma of smoking and vaping in public.

Even if you enjoy vaping as much as the guy next door, you could end up in a situation where vaping is not allowed. In these cases, CBD edibles can come in handy.

CBD Gummies

CBD gummies, are a form of edible, that resembles yummy gummies we ate growing up.

They are a fun and tasty way to consume CBD and have long-lasting effects! CBD gummies are candies that have been infused with CBD. They take a little bit of time before you can feel the effects because your body must first digest them.  When choosing a reliable supplier, look into reputable choices like Vitapur Labs.

Other types of CBD Edible products

  • Drinks
  • Pills
  • Brownies
  • Honey Sticks
  • E-Liquid (Tinctures)

Supply Chain Benefits

Today’s landscape has seen a lot of supply chain problems due to Covid.  Supply chains are complex and involve numerous moving parts on any given day. There are material suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, government agencies, wholesalers, retailers, and more.  With the benefit of private and white label, sellers have the opportunity to be able to source their products easily through private and white label manufacturers and suppliers.

Other Considerations

Verify the Supplier Credentials

Before you decide on a supplier, make sure they are legitimate.  Look at customer reviews. We recommend looking at an external source of customer reviews, rather than those posted on the website itself.  Do most of their customers seem happy with their purchase? Do they recommend the products to other consumers?

Compare Prices and Do Research

To get the best deal, look at multiple retailers and compare their prices.  Ask for samples and test out the product.  Usually, a private label relationship with a manufacturer can be a long-term commitment.

Don’t forget to weigh all of the factors when comparing costs. A less expensive retailer may have a long list of negative reviews. Maybe their gummies taste bad or are ineffective?

You’ll also want to look at shipping prices. Some suppliers appear to have lower prices because they don’t include the cost of shipping. In this case, you might think you’re going to save money but pay just as much in the end.

Someone you trust might recommend a specific manufacturer. But this does not mean you should instantly buy. You have to look for those manufacturers that respect practices set forth by the FDA. Even if they are not required to respect the rules, the truly reputable manufacturers always will.

In addition, you should know that quality is always analyzed by reputable manufacturers with the help of an independent third party. This is why you should look for certificates of analysis and actually check them out to see who offered them.

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