CBD Oil Strength: What is the Difference & How to Choose the Right One?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is usually extracted from cannabis plants, also known as marijuana. Unlike THC, another chemical compound found in the same plant, CBD oil won't make you high.

Therefore it’s a popular choice for people who prefer to relax or lower their anxiety with natural remedies rather than artificial chemicals. When using CBD products, make sure that they are organic and non-GMO certified.

Since CBD can be extracted from hemp which doesn’t contain enough levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), many states allow its legal use worldwide. It means that cannabidiol has been legalized for use by all adults over the age of 18. Do check out our article on how to vape

CBD oil has the highest concentrations of CBD compared to other natural extracts; however, this oil is still derived from marijuana plants. This means that all hemp-based products including CBD oil are related to marijuana and thus contain some THC. THC is an illegal drug with no health benefits (according to U.S federal law). That’s why these products can’t be purchased in states where marijuana is federally prohibited. If you are looking for THC, or are new to cannabis, check out this link to find cannabis deals near you.

In places where CBD could be purchased legally, the amount of cannabidiol in each serving should appear next to its description on the packaging label.

In order for you to buy CBD oil safely, check if it respects FDA regulations listed on this page. You could also consult your doctor before starting a new supplement routine.

As you can see, CBD products range in concentrations that mean they might not be suitable for everyone’s needs. Here are the most common levels of CBD oil concentration and what they mean to you:

CBD Hemp Oil Tinctures & Drops

Tinctures made from hemp are the most popular form of this supplement on the market today. They come in various flavors but share a similar application method. You simply put a few drops of tincture under your tongue where it will be quickly absorbed into your bloodstream. Some people claim that sublingual absorption is faster than if it’s mixed with food or drinks, although there isn’t any scientific evidence to support this statement. Since these products come in different flavors, you can experiment with various tastes until you find the one that you like most.

CBD Tinctures are available in different concentrations starting from 10mg/ml up to 1000+ mg/ml. Many users start by trying a low dose of 100 or 200 mg CBD tincture per day, depending on their condition and personal preferences. Since it’s derived from natural plants, this cannabinoid can be absorbed by your body slowly so its effects might not be felt immediately. If you’ve just started using hemp oil tinctures, try only one serving at first – say two dropperfuls under your tongue – then wait for 45 minutes before evaluating if there are any side effects. Some people have reported feeling drowsy or tired after taking CBD tinctures so it’s best to avoid doing anything that requires full attention until you understand how your body reacts to this tincture.

CBD Oils & Concentrates

According to research, CBD oils are usually made for oral administration only. These products are non-psychoactive and come with a wide range of concentrations. If you’re looking for something more than hemp oil tinctures but don’t want to smoke or vape CBD, consider trying CBD concentrates instead. They typically contain much higher levels of cannabidiol – around 50 mg per serving – but they aren’t always easy to digest.

Here’s what you need to know about these oils:

CBD concentrate doses vary from one product to another; some manufacturers state the exact amount of CBD in each serving while others write “active CBD compound” without specifying how much cannabidiol is actually in their product. If you have no idea about how much CBD there is per bottle, try asking your supplier or reading online reviews to see what other buyers are saying. To get the most benefit from taking these oils, start with small doses to assess how well your body reacts to them before gradually increasing the amount until you feel satisfied with its effects.

CBD Shatter/Wax

CBD concentrates aren’t only for vaping because this supplement also comes in different forms including solid ones like shatters and waxes. Although they’re made from the same hemp oil extracts used for vape oils, their concentrations are typically higher so they might not be the best choice for beginners. These products are also harder to ingest because their texture is often too thick. The lack of an exact dosage makes them even more difficult to use as well – you have no idea how much CBD you’re actually taking with each puff or dab.

CBD Concentrates are not recommended for first-time users, but if you have experience with other concentrates, feel free to try these ones just to see what they can do for your health. Just remember that shatter and wax should be handled carefully – think twice about using them around other people because the residue looks like sticky tar. Don’t attempt to vape or smoke it either since its THCA content could cause throat irritation rather than calming effects.

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