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What is Needed for CBD Extraction

Many people are searching for alternative solutions for CBD extraction. One thing to remember is that doctors have come forth and said that this is not safe and should not be used.

CBD The New Craze for Pets

One of the fastest-growing areas of the cannabidiol or CBD market is pets. This market has been fueled in almost all aspects by pet owners and not veterinarians. This Is because federal laws on CBD remain rather rigid and many state laws…

Common CBD Myths That Some Think Are True

Cannabis has come a long way from being a prohibited substance to now being made legal by the government. Through the years, the cannabis industry has been battling it out with being made illegal, the stigmas, and the policies surrounding…

Top CBD Tea Review: The Brothers Apothecary

CBD has grown rapidly in popularity in recent years, due to regulatory changes at the Federal level and an explosion of growth in the private sector. While most products focus on CBD oils or gummies, more unique and novel products have also…

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