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DEA Drug Schedules

Reschedule Cannabis! Poison you say?

Our Veterans Need Your Help

Being a retired Army medic, every time a soldier dies I feel like I'm losing a brother. This is especially hard when they die at there own hands. I feel this tragedy could help be prevented if medical marijuana was permitted to be used to…

The Cannabis Gourmet Cookbook

If you love edibles, you’ll love this book!Over 120 kitchen tested recipesHow to make marijuana butter and oilCooking with hash and kiefReducing unwanted cooking odorsMinimizing unwanted herbal flavorsDetermining proper medicated cooking…

The Union: Business of Getting High

The film explores the illegal growth, sale and trafficking of marijuana. The film follows host Adam Scorgie as he examines the underground market, interviewing growers, police officers, criminologists, psychologists, economists, doctors,…

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