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 Is Cannabis Good Or Bad For Mental Health?

The market size of Cannabis in the year 2021 was around USD 10.8 billion. In the year 2022, it  is around USD 13.2 billion. Enthusiasts and experts of the market say that the Cannabis market is projected to remain around USD 40 billion by…

Healthy Cannabis: How Can You Be Sure?

While federal regulations help ensure the consistency and quality of our food and pharmaceuticals, marijuana’s continued status as a Schedule 1 illegal substance keeps it from the protection and oversight offered to other consumer products.…

5 Ways Marijuana Helps Cancer Patients

Marijuana is becoming a widely accepted option for treating cancer patients. And in places where it is legal, cannabis is prescribed by doctors as an effective relaxant and pain suppressant. Below, we take a look at five ways how marijuana…

Marijuana safer than aspirin

When Bayer introduced aspirin in 1899, Cannabis was America’s #1 painkiller. Until marijuana prohibition began in 1937, the US Pharmacopoeia listed cannabis as the primary medicine for over 100 diseases.

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