Benefits of Purchasing from Online Smoke Shops

With online head shops, you are likely to find more variety, compare prices, and quantities are often unlimited.

Brick and mortar stores are convenient and offer some real-time visibility and sometimes a knowledgeable staff member; some even offer a place to smoke and try out products (though rare).  Aside from the convenience, smoke shops have less selection and higher prices than that of an online smoke shop where you are likely to get the best availability, prices and deals.

With online head shops, you are likely to find more variety, compare prices, and quantities are often unlimited.  As online head shops often do not have the overhead of a brick and mortar store, they are often able to beat in store prices.  Bulk pricing is also a great advantage.  Online stores offer such great deals and competitive pricing.


  1. Better Prices: To reiterate, online head shops offer great deals as online competition is pretty fierce.  Many online shops offer discounted items, free shipping, and more.  In states that don’t charge tax, you also get that extra discount.
  2. Save Time: Waterpipes, Pipes, Vaporizers, mods and accessories are available and can be found at your fingertips.  No calling, driving, asking around, or waiting in lines.  Once you find something online, it can be shipped to you as soon as you check out.
  3. Availability: Ever go to a store and they are sold out of something or don’t carry it in stock or don’t have enough of something?   When shopping online, if you can’t find it, go to the next store without leaving your seat!
  4. Compare Brands: Another benefit of shopping online is the opportunity for researching, finding alternate brands, reading reviews, or watching videos.  You don’t get to do that as easily in the store, but you can still do it with limits on your phone.

It’s good to have options.  Sometimes, it’s also great to have convenience and real-time visibility.  We are all for supporting brick and mortar and online businesses.  Many brick and mortar businesses also sell their products online and have competitive pricing.

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