Benefits of CBD for Runners

If you’re big into your health and fitness, you will have most likely picked up on the recent hype around the natural health remedy, CBD.

Derived from the cannabis plant, the medicinal compound has proved a hit amongst athletes for its anti-inflammatory properties and ability to ward off a number of common ailments. If you’re a keen runner and you’re considering incorporating CBD into your diet, here’s what to know:

Why CBD Oil?

Many athletes generally prefer to only take natural medications during training, which means over-the-counter quick fixes like ibuprofen and paracetamol are out of the question. As it is derived from the cannabis plant, CBD oil is completely natural, and is not mixed with anything nasty and artificial in the extraction process. As a runner, you can rest assured that supplement-wise, CBD is a substance that will not negatively impact on your health and fitness levels in any way.

CBD for Running Injuries

Unfortunately, while you can take measures to prevent injuries while running, they can still easily occur, putting your entire training schedule on hold. CBD has been proven to reduce inflammation and muscle swelling, so while you will still have to take some time to rest and recover from your injury, CBD can help to reduce pain levels and speed up your recovery time.

CBD for Muscle Recovery

If you follow quite a heavy training regime for your running, sore muscles are something that you are likely very familiar with. While it’s normal to feel sore the days following an intense run, it isn’t exactly a pleasant experience, and there’s no need to put up with it on a regular basis. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD can help remove pain and encourage mobility during those achy days after your workout.

CBD for Mental Recovery

After a heavy exercise session or a long run, the best way to rest and recover is with a good night’s sleep. However, with insomnia and anxiety on the rise, getting enough rest isn’t as easy as it sounds. Taking a dose of CBD oil before bed should help you to get the shuteye you need, as the compound promotes relaxation and reduces anxiety and stress levels.

CBD for Promoting Heart Health

Heart health is essential for a runner, supporting healthy blood flow and cholesterol levels to help you get the most out of your workouts. CBD has been found in recent research to provide many heart-healthy benefits, including the ability to lower blood pressure and reduce inflammation related to heart disease.

What Type of CBD Should I Use?

CBD comes in a number of different forms, and as a runner, you’re best going for one that will most effectively treat your inflammation and soreness. While ingesting CBD oil will work well to improve pain and help you to recover as quickly as possible, you may find you benefit the most from topical CBD creams or gels. There are plenty of strengths to choose from such as 3000mg cbd oil UK. These can be rubbed onto the areas of your body most in need of attention, where the CBD will get to work at the source of the pain.

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