Alternate Health Announces Plan to Uplist Blockchain Fintech Healthcare Blockchain Assets Via Subsidiary

Alternate Health (CSE:AHG) has announced a plan for its blockchain payments systems, Alternate Health Labs subsidiary to apply to be listed on an American Exchange.

As quoted in the press release:

“We have received an extremely high level of interest in Alternate Health’s new blockchain solutions for our laboratories and payment processing systems,” says Dr. Michael Murphy, Chairman and CEO of Alternate Health. “We believe these technologies represent the future of both the Fintech and healthcare industries, with the potential to open up new business opportunities in some of the world’s most valuable markets.”

Proposed Fintech / Healthcare Company

Alternate Health has taken a leadership position in blockchain financial and healthcare solutions. A key product is the company’s Zi App Blockchain Payment Gateway. Originally designed to facilitate digital payments in cannabis, this system has earned overwhelming interest as a payment solution for even larger markets, like multi-level marketing, commercial leases and equipment rentals. The new company would be free to negotiate licensing and strategic partnerships without the association of cannabis.

“As it stands, we feel these assets are undervalued in the context of the cannabis company, so we are seeking a platform to launch our technology in new markets beyond the scope of Alternate Health’s cannabis focus,” says Dr. Murphy. “An uplisting would give us the shareholder value and market liquidity to take on these exciting market opportunities and deliver shareholders an additional opportunity for a strong return on their investment.”

Alternate Health Labs would also be included in the new company, since it forms another revenue-generating, non-cannabis asset. The new company would be able to negotiate greater referral contracts for the business, while applying its expertise in blockchain development to software and management systems across the healthcare industry.

Click here to read the full press release.

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