7 Tips to Grow Your Own Cannabis

Cannabis is not like every other plant in which you can bury it and hope nature will work its magic. Some tips can help you have a good time growing, which will result in a bountiful harvest.

This, however, does not come on a platter of gold as it involves research into the local soil, the right fertilizer, pest control method, light, and maintaining the plant.

More than half of American States have relaxed the law on the use of CBD. This means growing and making a living out of a marijuana plant is possible. One, however, needs to be armed with the right knowledge to ensure success with marijuana cultivation. This is not surprising as cannabis cultivation requires patience, commitment, and resources.

Here are seven tested points that can help you have successful cultivation of marijuana plant:

Be Smart with Fertilizers

Cannabis is a pretty wild plant that can survive with little or no fertilizers. As soon as the plant grows, one needs to reduce nutrients. The cannabis plant can survive with minimal nutrients in stringent conditions. This explains why it is called weed.

You can have a situation called nutrient burn when you feed your plant excessive nutrients. This condition starts at the leaves’ tip and spreads to other parts of the plant. This will significantly reduce your yield because nutrient burn affects the ability of your plant to store nutrients.

Excessive nutrients also decrease the plant’s THC content and might lead to a plant that has a chemical taste. As a result, try and give your plant half the recommended nutrient amounts provided there is no sign of deficiency.

Select a Perfect growing Medium

Cannabis does not need too much moisture. This should affect the choice of your growing medium. As a result, sandy soil is a terrific choice and will give a better yield compared to clay soil because clay retains moisture.

The cultivation medium can determine your yield with the plant. As a result, make sure to try and get sandy soil for the plant.

Maintain the Right pH

One of the factors that affect the yield of your plant is the pH. The soil pH is so important as it determines the availability of some nutrients to your plant.

The pH value, however, is a factor of the specific medium you use. As a result, find out the medium’s right pH and check if you are within range. Adjust your pH based on your result and watch how your plant will thrive.

It can also directly affect the CBD oil or Delta 8 Flower that will come from the plant.

Chose Cannabis with great Genetics

Without a doubt, a cannabis plant is as good as its genetics. As a result, one of the first steps is to ensure you get a terrific cannabis strain to cultivate.

There are plenty of seed sellers online where you can buy. Make sure, however, to do your research before selecting a cannabis dealer. Review from past customers about the seller can help you decide if the seller is trustworthy.

Lighting Matters

For people that want to grow their cannabis plants indoors, they need a lot of care. Lightning is one of the factors that can make or break your cannabis plant. An outdoor cannabis plant will get its light from the sun, which is good. The responsibility of supplying light to an indoor cannabis plant, however, lies on you.

One needs to invest in good lights, reflectors, hoods, etc. Make sure to go for high-quality bulbs and change them twice a year. Also, avoid a second-grade bulb.

Your Water Quality Matters

All water is different when you consider the source and constituent. The constituent of the water can affect the plant, negatively or positively. You cannot use domestic water for your plant due to fluorine and chlorine treatment.

While these chemicals won’t necessarily kill your plant, it affects the yield. For optimum output with your cannabis plant, it is a good idea to invest in a filtration system. This gives you the best water quality for your plant.

Get it Right with the Growing Period.

People living in the climate zone are not alien to how temperature, daylight, and rainfall change. For folks living in the temperate region, there are changes in daylight hours between seasons. There are cannabis plants that are photoperiod-dependent. They take their cue from the weather to either grow vegetative or start flowering link indica flower. The choice, however, is a factor of the seasons.

Attempting vegetative growth during the early spring period might not be so good because the daylight hour might be too short to trigger flowering. As a result, you are better off waiting till mid-Oct (south Hemisphere) or Mid-April (Northern Hemisphere) to plant.

For folks in warm regions, there is the opportunity to have two or more harvests in a year. If you live near the equator, the warm temperature and harsh sunlight all year round are advantageous.

People living in a tropical region that has seasonal monsoon should not plant during the period. This is because of the mold, which affects the plant.

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