7 Advantages of Growing Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Autoflowering cannabis refers to cannabis varieties that automatically transition from their vegetative growth phase to their flowering stage in the course of their life cycle.

Unlike their photoperiod-dependent counterparts, auto-flowering strains do not rely on the duration or intensity of the light to switch into their flowering stage.

Most auto-flowering species are developed from Cannabis ruderalis, which originates in Central Asia. Central Asia is known for its unique light conditions, which explains why auto-flowering plants can grow and flower independently of their surrounding light schedules.

Now, auto-flowering cannabis strains grow from seeds that are also known as auto-flowering seeds, and this post shall examine the top seven benefits of auto-flowering seeds.

Advantages of Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Fairly Resilient

Cannabis is unarguably one of the world’s most resilient plants. Even the word exotic weed itself was inspired by the fact that these plants could thrive under some of the most unforgiving terrains and climatic conditions.

But when it comes to resilience among the various cannabis strains, auto-flowering seeds are the undisputed champion. As we already mentioned, these seeds are formulated with the genetic makeup of ruderalis strains. That eliminates the need for a regular light schedule.

Ruderalis strains can also tolerate extreme temperature conditions and are resistant to numerous pests and diseases. That makes auto-flowering seeds your best bet if you’re looking for cannabis varieties that require minimal maintenance.

It also means that if you can establish the ideal cannabis growing environment for your auto-flowers, there’s no limit to how much revenue you’ll be able to generate from your cannabis farms.

Modest Size

Autoflowering seeds produce cannabis plants with an average height of 1.2 meters. Such a modest height comes with numerous advantages.

First, it makes it easier to control and care for the plants. Feeding, pruning, and even harvesting will all be hassle-free experiences.

It also allows you to monitor your cannabis garden from afar. By standing at a vantage point, you can survey the entire farm and detect any presence of animal pests or human invaders.

The modest height also makes auto-flowering seeds ideal for both outdoor and indoor cultivation. If you’re growing the plants indoors, you won’t need to invest in taller greenhouses, which are often costly. And if you’re an outdoor grower, the short size of auto-flowers allows your cannabis plants to remain hidden from plain sight.

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Early Maturation

Another notable benefit of autoflowauto-flowering ering seeds is that they produce plants with significantly shorter lifespans compared to their photoperiodic counterparts. The shorter lifespan translates to earlier harvest, which increases the number of runs you can grow within a single year or season.

While the maturation period largely comes down to the specific strain that you grow, most auto-flowers will be ready for harvesting in around 8 to 10 weeks after germination. That’s considerably shorter than photoperiodic varieties that can take up to 4 months to be harvest-ready.

The maturation period might even be longer for photoperiodic Sativa-dominant strains like Jack Herker, which can take upwards of five months to reach their full growth cycle.

High Yields

Not only do auto-flowering cannabis seeds produce fast-maturing plants. The cannabis varieties from these seeds also tend to give higher yields compared to photoperiodic species.

Here’s an illustration of how it works.

Assume you’re planting auto-flowering seeds at the beginning of the year, whereas your neighbor opts for photoperiodic seeds. Your neighbor’s cannabis plants will likely be ready for harvest around April or May.

By that time, you would have harvested your auto-flowering plants twice, following the 8-10 weeks average maturation period. That’s how auto-flowering seeds end up giving you higher yields.

Continual Harvest

It’s difficult to isolate auto-flowering varieties as mother plants and produce clones out of them. But that’s by no means a deal-breaker, as these strains can still produce perpetual harvests.

The fact that auto-flowering plants flower independently of their surroundings’ light schedule eliminates the need for a cannabis mother plant, veg, or flower room.

Therefore, you can cultivate cannabis plants of different growth stages on the same farm. By the time some plants are ripe for harvesting, others would be nearing maturation, ensuring a perpetual harvest.

Seamless Growing

Autoflowering seeds are your best bet if you’re looking for plants that require minimal maintenance and supervision. For auto-flowers, growth is fast and seamless.

The fact that these plants can endure extreme weather conditions means you won’t invest in expensive thermostats and other thermo-regulating devices.

Neither will you need to monitor the plants for damage from pests and diseases. They simply grow as you attend to your daily chores.

Offer Immense Therapeutic Benefits

Ruderalis strains, from where auto-flowering seeds are formulated, are renowned for their high concentration of cannabidiol (CBD).

CBD is the second-most-popular cannabis extract and the compound that accounts for the most therapeutic properties of cannabis. It can help with a host of medical conditions, including pain, anxiety, seizures, insomnia, nausea, to mention but a few.

Compared to conventional medications, CBD can treat various conditions without producing any serious side effects.

Autoflowering seeds come with a host of benefits. These seeds are easy to care for, are fast-maturing, and produce high yields. The best part is that auto-flowering seeds are resistant to extreme climatic conditions, as well as highly resistant to pests and diseases.

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