5 Things You Need to Know About Smoking Hemp

Hemp contains plenty of CBD, making it a great alternative to CBD oil. Smoking hemp is becoming popular across the US and beyond, due to its many great benefits. If you are considering smoking hemp, here are five things you need to know.

Quicker Results

Smoking hemp will of course provide a much faster hit than taking hemp or CBD orally. This is because you are inhaling smoke straight into your lungs, which then reaches your bloodstream within a matter of seconds.

This can provide quick results for those in significant pain due to conditions such as arthritis, who are looking for fast results. Eating CBD can take a long time to take effect, which isn’t helpful for those looking for a quick fix.

Inhale Properly

If you don’t usually smoke weed or cigarettes, smoking hemp may be a completely new concept to you. It can be hard for new users to inhale properly. Ineffective inhaling will lead to coughing and most of the CBD will be lost in smoke, rather than taken in. The best way to smoke hemp is to inhale deeply and slowly. Hold this for a few seconds before releasing back into the air. When smoking hemp, take inhalations slowly to let the CBD take full effect. This way you won’t take too much or waste CBD that you didn’t need.

No High

Hemp does not make you high. Whilst it may contain traces of THC (as not all can be removed), it is not enough to have any effect, making it great for those who just want the benefits of CBD. Whilst cannabis is known for having mind-altering effects when inhaled, hemp will not do this. To ensure you are only smoking hemp, be sure to find a reputable brand and source to buy all of your hemp products.

There Are Different Ways to Smoke

For those into vaping, you can purchase hemp oils that can be placed inside the vape. You may also want to purchase hemp buds and smoke from a small pipe or roll into cigarette form. Another great option is hemp cigarettes, which are already pre-rolled for ease of use. This way, you know exactly how much you are consuming and can keep track of your intake. Look for hemp cigarettes that are tobacco-free, so you are inhaling nothing but natural products. You can also find hemp cigarettes in a number of flavors, including menthol.

How to Dose

Dosing with hemp buds can be difficult, which is why hemp cigarettes are a better option for those wanting to dose properly. If you are smoking hemp buds, start with a small amount and allow it to take effect. Smoking too much can lead to taking more than you need and wasting product, as well as building up your tolerance much faster.

When smoking hemp, be sure to inhale properly, find a way of smoking that suits your needs, and dose accordingly. Whether you choose to use hemp cigarettes, vape, or purchase hemp buds, smoking hemp can provide a quicker effect for all your CBD needs.

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