5 Reasons Why You Should Vape Cannabis Instead of Smoke It

When it comes to consuming cannabis, no other way is more convenient than smoking it. Besides being a generally affordable way to enjoy cannabis, it also lets you feel the herb’s effects more quickly than other methods of consumption.

With that said, smoking cannabis does have its downsides—with the biggest one being that it exposes you to the same harmful chemicals and carcinogens as smoking tobacco. This puts you at a very high risk of contracting serious respiratory illnesses such as emphysema and lung cancer. It’s for this health risk that we highly recommend switching to a smoke-free method of consumption, such as vaping.

Vaping is a relatively new method of cannabis consumption. It is similar to smoking in that it activates and extracts the cannabinoids in cannabis in such a way that they can be inhaled. Cannabinoids are the elements inside cannabis that induce the pain-relieving and euphoric effects of cannabis consumption. However, instead of the cannabis being burned, it is heated just enough that the moisture within the bud turns into vapor. This vapor is then breathed in, allowing the user to experience the benefits of cannabis without exposing themselves to the health risks that come with smoke inhalation.

This smoke-free approach makes vaping a healthier way to enjoy cannabis, and this should be enough of a reason to switch to it from smoking.

However, there are other benefits to this alternative method that make it even more of an attractive choice, and we’ve listed them down below.

It lets you taste your chosen strain of cannabis better.

Since vaping doesn’t involve the cannabis being burned, this means that you will be able to savor your chosen strain better with every puff you inhale from your herb vaporizer pen, instead of smoke overpowering your taste buds. This can be quite a pleasant experience, as cannabis contains terpenes, which are aromatic oils that give the herb its distinct smell and flavor. With every strain of cannabis having a different terpenes profile, you will be able to appreciate the differences between them more easily when you vape. This makes for a more varied and exciting cannabis experience.

It lets you control how intense your trip is.

Many cannabis vaporizers have integrated controls that allow you to set just how much heat is applied to your cannabis bud or cannabis extract fluid. The more heat is applied to the cannabis, the higher the quantity and intensity of the vapor produced, which results in a more powerful psychoactive experience. As such, vaping allows you to dictate just how mellow or euphoric you want your session to be with just a press of a button or a turn of a dial.

It lets you get the most out of your cannabis.

Vaping your cannabis allows you to get as much use out of every marijuana bud as possible. As the evaporation process can take a long time, especially if you run your vaping pen on the lowest possible heating setting, you can vape with the same pack of buds for multiple sessions while still enjoying the therapeutic effects of cannabis. What’s more, even if your buds have already been vaped, you can still use them to create edibles such as marijuana tea, cannabis-infused butter, and more. In contrast, smoking your cannabis only leaves you with ash that you can’t reuse.

It lets you consume cannabis without a lighter or matches.

Cannabis vaporizers have their own internal heat source, so you’re free to enjoy cannabis anywhere and everywhere so long as it has a full charge. By choosing vaping over smoking, you won’t have to keep a lighter or a box of matches with you at all times.

It lets you be discreet with your cannabis consumption.

Finally, vaping allows you to keep your frequent enjoyment of cannabis as discreet as you want it. Cannabis vapor has a subtler smell than cannabis smoke, and it fades much more quickly. Moreover, the scent doesn’t stick to your clothes or surroundings like smoke does, so you can freely vape while in your best clothes or inside your car.

Vaping: a healthier and more convenient way to enjoy cannabis

If you’re a long-time cannabis smoker and you’re looking for a new way to enjoy the herb, then consider vaping as your new method of choice. Not only is it healthier for your respiratory system due to it being completely smokeless, but it also has several benefits that can make it easier and more enjoyable for you to enjoy cannabis. Just remember to buy a vaporizer or vaping pen from a verified and trusted dealership, as third-party vaporizers are often made with substandard materials and thus could be a burning hazard for you and those around you.

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