5 Most Common Misconceptions About Vaporizers

Here are the 5 most common misconceptions about vaporizers. 

Vaping is a fast-growing community with a diversity of people that are getting hooked in this culture. It won’t be any surprise if there are issues that will stir commotion and controversy just to make this community somehow decline.

Here are the 5 most common misconceptions about vaporizers.

Vape Goes Boom!

Have you ever heard of the news where a man got his face blown by his vaporizer while using it? I’m pretty sure you do, it went viral on all social media platforms. And it caused too much shock to the world of vaping, brewing doubts not just for avid vapers but also to people around them. Because of that, the market for vaporizers went to a slump for a little bit. About the exploding of the device itself, this all boils down to user negligence. Vaporizers are composed of three main parts; a mouthpiece for inhaling the vapor, an atomizer for the heating element and the battery for the power source. Among the three parts, only the battery can cause the device to explode.

The thing here is, the battery used as the power source for vapes are just the same battery that is being used in almost anything. Laptops, smartphones, your iPods, shavers, the remote control you use when watching TV and any devices out there are powered using batteries. That only means that they are more or less like vaporizers. What causes vapes to malfunction and could potentially cause injuries to its user? Like I said, it all boils down to user error. Batteries when overused may heat-up, causing the device to malfunction and the next thing you will see, your roasted device. This applies to everything, not only to vaporizers. Thus, making the issue “Vaporizer Explodes” nonsensical. Bottom line, if you take good care and proper handling of it you’ll be perfectly fine.

Vaping Is Just The Same As Smoking

Another misconception about vaporizers is that “Vaping and smoking are just the same.” Some of you (especially non-smokers) assuming that you never tried vaping, the difference between the two is huge. Smoking is by means of combusting tobacco (which we all know, contains a lot of chemicals) while on the other hand, vaping works by means of vaporizing (whether what kind of load you use) into the air. This only shows the vast difference between the two. One more misled truth about vaping is, “Vaping is much cheaper than consuming cigar.”

Yes, it is true. Vape devices might be expensive but after you purchase some of the best vaporizer brands of 2018 (with specs that fits your needs) it’s for a lifetime use. Learning how to maintain your device’s condition is a must. Giving you the opportunity to save more money than buying two to three or more packs of cigarettes a day. Another one is, “Vaping causes who uses it to be obsessed with it” being obsessed or in other words addicted to vaping is also a far-fetched truth. Nicotine, a mild stimulant that affects both nervous system and cardiovascular system, though it has a greater effect on the cardiovascular system. Should you have too much of nicotine it can cause the following to our body, dizziness, nausea, headaches constrict blood vessels, increasing blood pressure, raises the blood fat levels and stimulating the heart. Also, what causes cigarette smokers to be addicted is the Nicotine which is also found in e-juices, but only in minimal amount. The average of Nicotine found on cigarettes fall between 8 mg to 20 mg. Compared to e-juices that have only 0, 3, 6, 12, 18 mg. You can always ask for e-juices that contain zero nicotine, so no need to worry about overdosing yourself from nicotine and getting addicted. Before I forgot, all the symptoms caused by too much exposure from Nicotine can be easily resolved by simply taking a break from vaping. That is if you ever suffer from one.

What’s Inside Those E-Juices

Another misconception is about the “e-juices”. ‘E-juices’ also termed as ‘e-liquids’ or ‘smoke juice’ is a liquid content for vape devices. The following are the ingredients e-juices are made of.

  • Propylene Glycol (PG)
  • Vegetable Glycerin (VG)
  • Flavorings
  • Nicotine

Until now, there are no reports of any cases especially death and poisoning caused by vaping. Propylene Glycol, even in its aerosol form is reported relatively safe and if could cause any to the human body, it is only to the extent of mild irritation on the upper part of the respiratory system. Vegetable Glycerin is just the same as Propylene Glycol, may cause mild irritation but only if taken in huge volumes. Flavorings, food-based flavorings are added to e-juices as well. Since it is used on food products it doesn’t pose any threats at all. Nicotine, now I’m pretty sure that you already know too much about this. Nicotine if consumed only in small volumes can’t pose any harm at all.

Vaping Is Expensive

Owning your first vape might be expensive but along the way, you will see that because of vaping (especially if you smoke and resorts to vaping) you can actually save more. One of the common misconceptions about vaping is being expensive, although you will have to spend and pull some cash out to invest in your first vape device. But once you do, it’s for a lifetime. You might find this unbelievable yet this is true. Plus, the benefits you can gain from vaping, it is safer than cigarette smoking, improves your health, it looks cool, you can vape indoors and multiple places outdoors so make sure to find the best vaporizers of 2018.


Although the issue about vaporizers having this substance mixed within has already been debunked. The matter about vape devices containing Formaldehyde still seems to be unsettling. What is Formaldehyde? By definition, “Formaldehyde is a colorless pungent gas in a solution created by oxidizing methanol. It is composed of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen.” What can Formaldehyde do to the human body? Formaldehyde can cause (if found present in the air exceeding the level of 0.1 ppm) nausea, wheezing, skin irritation, coughing, watery eyes or burning sensation in the nose or throat. If consumed accidentally through drinking water or eating something may enter the body and affects it rapidly. To be clear, vape devices may produce Formaldehyde, but only under certain circumstances and that’s by using your vape to its highest temperature and incinerating the heating material. Which is unlikely to happen because first, it destroys the device and second lowers the vapor quality, making it taste awful.

Now, if you are new to vaping and you’re just planning to start this hobby, you can always ask for advice from the experts, and don’t just believe in gossips and hearsays without any scientific explanation backing it. That concludes our 5 most common misconceptions about vaporizers, hope this article helped you out and learn a lot from it.

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