5 Benefits Of Growing Cannabis As A Houseplant

If you’re thinking about adding marijuana to your indoor plant collection in 2021, you’re not alone. As more states continue to legalize marijuana, an expanding number of people plan on growing cannabis as a houseplant this year as their newest horticultural hobby. Although people have been growing marijuana outdoors for centuries, it’s still a relatively new indoor endeavor.

While many parts of the world continue to adopt a more relaxed stance on marijuana, and particularly growing it, there’s never been a better time to put that green thumb to work. Technology continues to improve, and so does the quality of buds that one can produce from the comfort of home. Growing pot in your spare bedroom or garage is not only convenient, but it also comes with a myriad of other benefits as well that can make growing your weed an enriching and rewarding experience.

Never-Ending Harvests

One of the very best things about growing indoors is the fact that you can do it year-round. With outdoor growing, you’re limited by the seasons and weather. Temperature is critical when growing marijuana, and depending on the growth stage, it thrives in temperatures between 65-78 degrees Fahrenheit. Depending on where you live, the climate outside can be very inconsistent and will have varying detrimental effects on the plants.

When the weather is too hot or too cold, it can lead to fewer or smaller flowers, and sometimes a plant won’t flower at all. You also typically only get one harvest, as an outdoor cycle can take nine months. Whereas with indoor growing, depending on the strain you are using, you have the potential to produce a harvest every three months in a temperature-controlled room.

Save Money

Depending on how much of a consumer you are, marijuana can add to a relatively expensive habit. This is particularly bad for those who need it in large quantities for medicinal purposes. Growing pot at your place will do wonders for reducing the financial burden. There are plenty of places where you’ll be able to find shrooms online. Although it will cost a bit of money to get started, you’re likely to break even on your initial start-up costs after your first couple of harvests. And best of all, you’ll never have to worry about running out again.

Controlled Environment

Besides the temperature, the indoor grower has control over several other elements as well.

  • Water – An indoor grower will ensure the plants get the ideal amount of water they need to thrive. Whereas in an outdoor environment, there is always the possibility of excessive downpour that can flood your crops.
  • Soil – An indoor grower can experiment with different soil types to find the optimal soil that produces the biggest and juiciest buds.
  • Nutrients – Growing indoors allows you to control the nutrients you provide the plants to keep them properly nourished.
  • Light – In different stages of growth, the plants need to have different amounts of light. With an indoor operation, you have full control to ensure your plants produce a flowering family of buds.

Avoid Pests and Animals.

Like any type of outdoor crop, a marijuana plant is at the mercy of insects, critters, and animals. Growing inside dramatically reduces the risk of your crop being infested by invasive pests or a family of deer with a penchant for munching on your precious pot leaves. However, you still need to educate yourself on avoiding indoor pests, but being in a controlled environment will significantly improve your chances of a healthy crop.

Therapeutic Nature of Cannabis

Have you ever noticed how Zen people look when they’re gardening? Taking care of your marijuana plants is not only a fun new skill to learn, but it can also be incredibly therapeutic and rewarding. People have used gardening as a relaxation technique since the beginning of time. It can be a relaxing hobby that incorporates all of the five senses and allows you to connect with the plants and become invested in their maturation process through the entire growth process. This tends to be a very satisfying and accomplishing feeling for a lot of people.


While there are endless benefits to both outdoor and indoor cannabis, it’s clear that growing indoors has numerous advantages and conveniences over its outdoor counterpart. Indoor growing gives you complete control of your environment at a fraction of the cost, allowing you to produce a consistent harvest year-round. The results can be rewarding, add some cash to your pocket, and maybe even allow you to discover a new passion. And best of all, an individual can do this from the comfort of your home. All you have to do is follow crucial ways to make sure you do not skip the necessary steps along the way.

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